Communicate with the world….

Communicate with your customers to provide support. Communicate with neighbors, friends, communities, classmates, fellow club
members, or just others with the same interests. YaBB is a leading free forum software package that rivals any professional message board out there. It allows users to setup and control a “bulletin board” that can become a vital addition to your website or even a stand alone as a website and communication tool 24 hours a day. It provides a real-time chat and support system for your visitors. While chat programs allow people to talk directly, you have to be on at the same time as others. With YaBB, you can talk any time, and everyone can join in the conversation! Build a community and get visitors to come back for interesting discussions, fun chit chat, or needed support without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Why choose YaBB?

YaBB software is easily customized to fit your needs and design taste. Everything from the look to the operation can be easily changed. It is easy to setup and administer, has built-in security, censor controls, and spam eliminators. Security includes encrypted usernames and passwords, no follow links, banning tools, and auto-blocking/banning tools. This system is the world’s first and most popular open-source Perl forum software! All you need to do to get started is download YaBB from this site for FREE and install it on your existing website! You can control every aspect of your forum…

Did we mention the new YaBB 2.6  –‘It’s a Beauty”?

YaBB 2.6 BoardIndex Page

YaBB 2.6 is a beauty

And is ready for Social Integration???

YaBB Social Bookmarks

YaBB Forum Software’s Social Bookmarks