Welcome to the all-new YaBB.

YaBB is a beloved and bedevilled Open Source Forum Software project.  Once among the first & foremost, it has arguably aged semi-gracefully.  It’s still extremely reliable, secure and reasonably fast for small to medium size Forums (hundreds of users and thousands of topics).

Those who have used YaBB love its open design and many features.  YaBB had to retain its cachet.  The developer team has done that with YaBB 2.6.  Its core has been brought up to date, many extensions added (Event Calendar, Sub-forums …), strong new anti-spam/bot methods implemented and dozens of new features (both requested & some surprises) have been added.

Those who want to get on board will find a new template design, with almost all the HTML moved into the template and out of the code. (and the template editor is still in the Admin Center).  Many ‘mods’ are being converted to YaBB 2.6 compliance.  This is a factor of the code restructuring — functions and code location has been streamlined, and the code & data structures were revised to give you flexibility of installation.

We have also moved to a new host.   Since everything literally had to be revised and cleaned up – we decided to put a clean new face on YaBB so we could better communicate with you.

Many thanks to all the developers, team members and users over all these years (13+) who have helped YaBB hang in there.