Support & Resources

Get Support for your YaBB Forum -

Use the Official YaBB Community Support Forum.

Team Members, fellow users and Admins all contribute ideas, solutions and best practices. And it’s 100% FREE!

Use the YaBB Codex

Years of historical solutions, tips, how-tos and general information about YaBB Forum Software.  Also free. YaBB Support Codex

Other YaBB Support-Friendly Sites

Dandello maintains a YaBB code test-bed and mod development forum at YaBBForumSoftware

Xonder develops YaBB Mods and Themes at the XTC YaBB Mods Forum 


Michael Prager was an early YaBB Developer and created an automated ‘Mod Installer’ – BoardMod.  ‘Mods’ are user developed plugins/add-ons to the core YaBB forum software. This Board contains hundreds of Mods for most YaBB Versions.  Find BoardMod on YaBB’s Community Server.

Registration or Password Recovery

Having problems with or other YaBB-based forums?

Most Important – Are you attempting to register or recover a password on

IF yes – First, try a different browser/device. If it still does not work, send an e-mail to (YaBB Administrator)

IF no – problem is with a YaBB forum on a different server is the support site for the YaBB Open Source Forum Software team. We only create the software, it’s free for others to download and use on their own servers. We have no control over how they implement the software. We don’t even directly know who they are (It is an anonymous download).

You should contact that forum’s administrator/webmaster – every board is configured differently, and there’s no way to know how they have it working.  Every YaBB forum has the option to manually create new members, but the forum administrator has to do it.  So they should be able to help you.  Thanks very much