The YaBB Software Project is hosted on Sourceforge.


An Archive of all our released versions is available on SourceForge,  Many versions are available for Downloads in both .zip  for all OS’s, and .tar.gz format for Linux/Unix systems. The tar.gz versions have proper permissions set for most configurations and have been CHOWNED to nobody:nogroup to avoid conflicts. Every DL package now includes a manifest and a local pure HTML Quick Start Guide to get you going.

Download YaBB’s Newest Builds Here  <  Available soon -  our own mirrors. > 

Newest release package: YaBB 2.6.11 (Build 1619)  is Available Now

tar.gz for Linux/MacOS

.zip for all platforms:

YaBB 2.6.0

After an investment of much love, sweat & tears YaBB 2.6.0 has arrived. This is the most evolutionary YaBB since 2.0 or 2.4. A fresh new look, dozens of new features, simplified installation, complete code streamlining & tweaking, UTF-8 support for new forums, complete data compatibility with the YaBB 3.0/Next objectives, plus hundreds of hours of exhaustive testing with live data.

In particular, everyone should thank Dandello, Derek Barnstorm and John McCabe (xnoddyx) who soldiered on when things looked very bleak. Their efforts have really paid off.

I was able to download the release package in the tar.gz format to a Linux server, place the files in the desired locations, change the ownership of the two installation folders and their contents and then enter the correct URL – Presto! YaBB’s ran and installed my forum with NO modifications or editing. Great job team! (note this is only possible on Linux servers where you have root access via a console or SSH.) source:

tar.gz for Linux/MacOS:

.zip for all platforms:

Prior releases: 

Download YaBB from SourceForge

Source Files, Beta development and SVN

We also maintain an SVN repository of our current development tree on SourceForge.  For more information on YaBB Development visit Develop.

 Thank you for supporting YaBB