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CVS Access and Use (Read 3668 times)
Captain John

CVS Access and Use
Nov 7th, 2008 at 5:34pm
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  CVS is a repository on SourceForge, where YaBB stores the revisions of YaBB Releases.  Current Version of Y2.3.1 is the latest version being coded.  NOTE:  Files stored here are considered Beta files.   Being tested and "unstable" until release.  We do not recommend these files be used or installed on a live and working forum.  Do NOT download and pick and choose what files to use.  These files MUST be used as a whole Test forum.

  The info below can be used to download the CVS files for Y2.3.1,

The URL to the folders and files is
    You may click on the folders to work thru the directories to find a file.  Clicking on a filename will display a list of the revisions made during this build of YaBB.   Clicking on Download will show the code of the file selected.  Using a Browser Edit Menu, click on Select ALL, then Copy.  With a Code Editor open, click in the text window, then using the Editor's Edit Menu, click on Paste.  Save file with same filename.

using a CVS Client (program) called Tortoise  NOTE: we do not support nor do we provide help installing or using Tortoise.

the cvsroot is

on the Module Panel:

Do a Fetch List

then Highlight Yabb2

then you can proceed to the revisions Tab. (see next post)

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Captain John

Re: CVS Access and Use
Reply #1 - Nov 7th, 2008 at 5:41pm
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continuing .......

On the Revisions Tab, click on the radio button next to Choose Branch or Tag
When you click Update List it should populate the window, After it has run, then click on the dropdown window and it should give you the subs to select from.  (Y2.3.x)

   The rest of the options in Tortoise should be left as default.   Click on OK

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