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  Frequently Asked Questions  FAQ's
YaBB 3 Development YaBB 3 Development
The Future of YaBB, the Next "Yet another Bulletin Board"
General Information General Information
General Information concerning the YaBB Forum and It's Usage
YaBB Toolbar YaBB Toolbar
The Admin & Developers Tool, Info and Help
Errors Errors
Server Returned Error Identification Info and Fixes

Linux Installation Linux Installation
Installation on Linux, Unix, BSD type Servers
Windows Installation Windows Installation
Installation on Windows, Apache, IIs type Servers
cPanel Installation cPanel Installation
Automatic Installation using cPanel
Moving YaBB Moving YaBB
Info and Instructions for Moving the YaBB Forum
Upgrading to YaBB 2.X Upgrading to YaBB 2.X
Info and Instructions for Upgrading a later Version of YaBB Forum

  Setting up YaBB Forum
Understanding the Admin Center Understanding the Admin Center
Understanding the Setup options within the Admin Center
Managing Your Forum Managing Your Forum
Managing a YaBB Forum
Languages  Addition and Translating Languages  Addition and Translating
Add or Remove an additional language, How to Translate

Guardian, Spam & Censor Settings Guardian, Spam & Censor Settings
Understanding and configuring Security Settings
Backing up and Restoring Backing up and Restoring
Folders and Files needed, Process and Frequency

Templates Templates
How to modify, change and add templates or CSS styles
YaBB Modification YaBB Modification
Information On Modifying and Changing YaBB
BoardMOD BoardMOD
How to Select, Setup, Configure and MOD manually or using the BoardMod program
User Requested Template Modifications User Requested Template Modifications
Any User Requested Modification to the YaBB Forum
We do not recommend these, but they do accomplish what the user requested.

  Issue Fixes
Past YaBB Forum Software Past YaBB Forum Software
Known Issues (Bug Fixes)

  YaBB 1.x (No longer Supported)
Installation, Setup, Errors and Structure Installation, Setup, Errors and Structure
FAQ's, General Information on Installation, Setup, Errors and Board, File Structure and Administration

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