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Preperation and Uploading the YaBB Forum Software (Read 196 times)
Captain John

Preperation and Uploading the YaBB Forum Software
Sep 24th, 2007 at 7:00pm
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  After Downloading the Newest Version Of YaBB and Unzipping the Installation zip on your Computer.
 The Very First thing you should do is be sure you have edited,, in the yabb2 folder for the proper Path to Perl also Admin/ and Sources/ if installing Y2.3.x to set the correct Path to Perl (shebang) for your Host Server your going to be installing the Forum to. (This VERY Important and Must be Correct).

 Using a FTP program to upload the YaBB Forum folders and files, transfer must be set to an ASCII Mode to upload ALL the folders and files under the Cgi-Bin folder.  ALL the folders under yabbfiles folder Must be transferred in ASCII Mode also, EXCEPT any image files (Smilies/Buttons/Logos) which have an extension of jpg, gif or png, and any .swf file.  Those MUST be transferred as Binary.  Do NOT use the Auto transfer in an FTP Client !

 Then perform the CHMOD ... ALL Folders, Images (.jpg, .gif, png, .swf), pm, pl and js files should be 755.  All other files should be 666.

Then point your browser to and Run.  Using admin as the password.
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