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Installation (Read 825 times)
Captain John

Sep 24th, 2007 at 10:07pm
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   Note:  YaBB Installation is an "option" that may or not be available in your cPanel.  It is an option for the Host, to enable YaBB Software to be installed thru this function.

    Installation of YaBB Forum Software using Cpanel, will take seconds to accomplish. Though CHMODS and the running of is still required. One difference in a Cpanel installation is the directory structure of the forum. Below note a Cpanel installation directory structure.

   1. Cpanel Directory Structure e.g.


public_html/forums/cgi-bin (empty folder)
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Captain John

Re: Installation
Reply #1 - Oct 9th, 2008 at 7:42pm
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Manual Installation of YaBB on a cPanel System.

I write this because lately I have been noticing that many ISP & Web Hosting sites are taking out YaBB of their Software Options for Forums, sometime replacing them with phpBB or SMF Forum boards. Other hosted sites using cPanel are not upgrading their YaBB Software. Thus this leaves a dilemma for the YaBB Forum & cPanel users out there.

There is also a bit of confusion out there in that many ISPs are setting up cPanel accounts on Windows machines. The problem here is that NOT ALL WINDOWS SERVERS RUN PERL ON THEIR SYSTEMS! Perl on Windows is an option some Windows Server Hosting ISP take, but not all. To end the confusion, it would be best to have a Linux/Unix based cPanel account, as this will insure that Perl will be on the system. 95+% of all Linux and Unix systems on the internet runs some form of Perl.

Manual Installation of YaBB onto a server using cPanel is simpler than installing It onto a typical Windows or Unix/Linux Server. It just takes a bit understanding how cPanel works. But most importantly, you are going to require FTP Access for much of the work.

When you enter cPanel's File Manager, you will notice that there is a 'www' folder/directory. This is where all the YaBB files are going to go in. You will also notice that there is no 'cgi-bin' folder/directory. cPanel does away with the 'cgi-bin' folder/directory and allows Perl programs to run from the 'www' folder/directory. Though this might raise heads with so-called security experts in terms of website security, but in actuality, the security of the website depends on the actual scripts that resides with the account. A 'cgi-bin' folder/directory is no safer than the scripts and programs one would normally put into them, and YaBB 2.X has proven to be a safe forum program than most free or for-pay forums out there.
Be sure you have edited,, in the yabb2 folder for the proper Path to Perl also Admin/ and Sources/ if installing Y2.3.x
To start, you will have to open up a ftp program and point it to your server account. This will take it to your main cPanel root folder/directory. You will have to now scroll down and click on the 'www' folder/directory. At this point you are ready to install YaBB into your cPanel website. Start creating a folder/directory in it called 'yabb' or 'forum', 'board', and then set the permissions to it to 755 through your FTP Browser. If you have problems putting in the files and folders of YaBB into this folder then change the permission to 777 to install it and then change it to 755 when done.

Open the 'yabb' folder/directory you have created and now start to upload the first few files into it, using your ftp program, Start with the YaBB's 'cgi-bin/yabb2' folder you have on your PC (You did uncompressed the file, did you?). First transfer the files in AscII transfer mode 'index.html', '', '', '', '', and '' into the 'yabb' (or what ever you named it) folder/directory. High-light the files in the FTP browser and set their permissions to 755, then highlight the file '' and set its permission to 777.

Then transfer the folders (also using AscII transfer mode) one at a time into the 'yabb' folder/directory: 'Variables', 'Convert', 'Boards', 'Members', 'Admin', 'Help', 'Modules', 'Messages', 'Sources', 'Templates', 'Languages', and 'Variables'. Select and highlight all the folders/directories and set their permissions to 755, then select and high-light the following folders and set their permissions to 777: 'Boards', 'Members', 'Boards', 'Members', and 'Variables'.  Also go into the 'Variables' folder/directory and change the permissions of the file '' to 777. At this point you are about 1/3 of the way done with the installation of YaBB in your server account.

This is the next and very tricky part of installing YaBB into a cPanel account. When you open your YaBB's 'public_html/yabbfiles' folder on your PC, you will notice that there is a 'Template' folder/directory in there, but at the same time, there is also a 'Template' folder/directory already installed in your cPanel's 'yabb' folder/directory. If you just transfer the 'Templates' folder/directory straight into your 'yabb' folder/directory, you will erase the old 'Templates' folder/directory and the files inside it that you have already installed before. YaBB has 2 separate 'Template' folders/directories- one in the cgi-bin and another in public_html. Thus you leave this one particular folder for last.

Transfer the files from the YaBB 'public_html/yabbfiles' folder/directory and transfer  them into the 'yabb' folder/directory in your cPanel account. The files are: 'fader.js', 'ubbc.js', 'yabbc.js', and 'post.js' . Give them permissions settings 644. If later on when running your YaBB Forum, these files do not work, go back and give them the permission setting of 755. Don't worry about having your 'cgi-bin' files mixed together with your 'public_html' files; cPanel likes it this way.

Next transfer the folders/directories from your YaBB's 'public_html/yabbfiles' folder/directory to your cPanel's 'yabb' folder/directory. The folders/directories to be transferred are: 'Attachments', 'avatars', 'Smilies', and 'Buttons'.Note: image files MUST be transferred using Binary Mode.  Set the permissions of these folder/directories to 644. At this point you are more than 2/3rds of the way done.

Now comes the hard part. Open the 'Templates' folder directory in both the YaBB's 'public_htm/yabbfiles' folder/directory on your PC and on the 'yabb' folder/directory of your cPanel account. Notice that the content of the two folders/directories are different. If you dragged the 'Templates' folder/directory into you cPanel account, you would have erased those other files. Now with both folders/directories open, you can high-light the contents of your PC's folder/directory and drag them into the FTP browser (insuring Binary mode transfer) for your cPanel account to upload them over without deleting the other files. Once you done this, set these folders to 644, and you are done with the manual install of YaBB into cPanel.

The rest now is to run through your web browser at your address: http://www.YoUR-cPANEL-Account.(com/org/net.etc)/yabb/ . Put in the passwords when required and answer the configuration questions. Most of the time, just answering the basic questions in will have your forum running in a couple of minutes. If you completed the steps up to this point, you should be able to see a YaBB forum running on your website. If there are problems (and there might be), these will usually be from permissions issues. Recheck the files and folders/directories for their setting and correct any that might be off. Congrats on your new forum board!

Note: When you run and are adjusting the paths, make sure that all paths point to [directories to your cPanel account/www/yabb/ . There is no 'cgi-bin' directories used in cPanel, and if YaBB states that there might be- delete the 'cgi-bin' part of the url/path and make sure its with in the 'www/yabb/' folder/directory.

provided by Elfen
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