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Process of Moving the YaBB Forum (Read 1837 times)
Captain John

Process of Moving the YaBB Forum
Sep 24th, 2007 at 10:53pm
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Since YaBB uses a flatfile database, moving your active community to a new server is a simple, painless process. This article will give you specific details on what needs to be done to quickly move your forum to a new server.

Note: This article assumes your YaBB has no modifications installed or other edited core files. If you have, please see Moving a Modified YaBB as these directions will not copy your mods over.
Preparing to Move!

Before you begin the process, it would be a good idea to move your forum into Maintenance Mode. This will prevent regular users from adding new messages to your forum while you are moving. While you can leave your forum open, new messages may be lost.

Once you have entered Maintenance Mode, you must log into your server and make a copy of the following directories:

Using your FTP program or File Manager, copy the following files from your OLD forum into the same folders in your NEW forum:

    * cgi-bin/yabb2/Boards/* (all files)
    * cgi-bin/yabb2/Members/* (all files)
    * cgi-bin/yabb2/Messages/* (all files)
    * public_html/yabbfiles/Attachments/* (all files)

cgi-bin/yabb2/Variables/* all files EXCEPT the following files:

    * Menu0.def, Menu1.def, Menu2.def
    * *.helporder (all files with this extension. Note: Your version may not contain these files.)
    * advsettings.txt
    * secsettings.txt

Now copy the following files to a separate folder and rename them as it is shown here:

    * advsettings.txt => upgrade_advsettings.txt
    * secsettings.txt => upgrade_secsettings.txt
    * =>

then move the renamed files into cgi-bin/yabb2/Variables/ of your new forum.


   * yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/*.*  (Only if you've edited the defaults)
           Don NOT overwrite any files, simply rename before moving

Setting Up

With your backups in hand, you can now begin to setup your new server. For simplicity and to guarantee you are running the most recent version of YaBB, we will install a clean version of the board. For server specific directions, please see Installation Category.

Please make sure that your new installation is working as expected before moving on to the final step. Failure to do so could put you at risk for data loss.
Uploading the Backup

The final step in the process is to upload the directories we downloaded from your old board and overwrite the existing files on the new. Transfer in ASCII Mode.  (do NOT overwrite the Newer Menu*.def files in the ./Variables folder).  If your new server is a Linux server, make sure the uploaded files have the correct CHMOD as per the Linux installation guide.

# Log in your new forum as Administrator with the Admin username and password you used in your old forum and go directy to the "Admin Center" => "Forum Settings".
Note: doing ANY upgrade, it is very important to change the install date in the Admin Center > Forum Settings to a date and time "before" the older forums oldest member registration. If not done, Search will not function and the possibility of causing ex-members being generated. Save this page once with the Button at the bottom.
# Then go to "Admin Center" => "Maintenance Controls" and run the "Rebuild Notifications Files" first!
Now run the other Maintenance Controls starting with "Rebuild Message Index" going through "Rebuild Members History."

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