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BoardMOD useage and FAQ's (Read 281 times)
Captain John

BoardMOD useage and FAQ's
Sep 24th, 2007 at 11:35pm
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There are a huge selection of options you can install in the YaBB 2.1 Forum. We call these options "MODs" for modifications.


To view and select BoardMODs 2.1 MODs go here:

BoardMOD the Program

What is this BoardMod thing I've been hearing about? BoardMod is a program which makes it easier to apply modifications to the free YaBB MessageBoard System. The only thing you have to do is to select the MOD you want and press the install button. Within less than 5 minutes you'll have a full customized community board. For more detailed information about the project visit the Project page for the MOD you desire.

BoardMOD Useage

How to use BoardMod? You have to make sure that your YaBB Forum is already setup and running on your web page. When it is, follow these simple steps to download and use BoardMod:

Go to and download the latest version of BoardMod (currently 2.5.6)

Unpack the .zip-file into a directory of your choice, use one that's easy to access, like C:\BoardMod on your computer (NOT a Host Server). Create a sub-folder and name it 2.1 (this is where you will place the MOD files (only the file ending in .mod), that you desire to install). So the BoardMOD direstory should look like this after unzipping and adding the sub directory:  [Note:  BoardMOD is a Windows program.  For Apple users see Manual Installation]

  |-  MODS
     |-  2.1     (If your going to do 2.2 MODs, rename or add a subdirectory 2.2)

Download the YaBB cgi-bin files off your server(via FTP) to another folder on your hard drive. (maintaining the directory substructure your files were originally installed in).

Start BoardMod. You will see a box with a Browse button next to it in the upper left corner

Click the Browse button and point it to the directory you downloaded your YaBB files into and the directory containing YaBB.cgi/ See the select-box in the top right corner? Click it. You should get a list of YaBB versions(actually this is a list of folders within the Mods folder in the BoardMod main directory) Select your version of YaBB. Currently, this is YaBB 2.1.

Auto Installing MODs

How to install mods I've downloaded?  First, save the mod you downloaded into this directory: *boardmod dir*/Mods/*your YaBB version*. If the mod is packed to .zip then only copy the .mod file(s) to this directory.

Now, when you select your version (directory), a list of mods should appear (if you have more than one MOD you want to install). Browse through the list until you find the one you just downloaded and click the checkbox next to it. Installation should commence.

(NOTE: Mods with a checked checkbox are INSTALLED mods, those unchecked are not installed. This can be toggled manually by holding Ctrl(Control)and left clicking your mouse.

If you get any errors, be sure that you downloaded a mod for your version of YaBB: IE: Mods for YaBB 1 Gold, SP1/SP1.1 or 1.4 will NOT work with YaBB 2.1.  Mods for YaBB 1 Gold SP1 have a 90% chance of working with SP1.1 and vice versa Mods for YaBB 1 Gold SP1/SP1.1 doesn't work with Gold. Mods for YaBBSE definitely don't work with YaBB and vice versa

Visit !


BoardMODding Useage

Edited to update latest version number of BoardMOD program and to correct broken link to BoardMOD FAQs - ohe
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