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MOD Manual Installation and Uninstalling (Read 635 times)
Captain John

MOD Manual Installation and Uninstalling
Sep 24th, 2007 at 11:40pm
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Manual MOD Installation

How to install mods manually/by hand?

Using BoardMod

Click the 'Manual Install' button and follow the instructions. Usually, you search for the contents of the left box, and the contents of the right box is added before/after or replaced (What you should do is mentioned above the right box). The file it edits is above the left box.

Using nothing but the mod file:

Open the file, and skip down to the first <edit file> tag. The file you should edit is listed between this tag and the </edit file> tag. Example: Sources/ means that you should browse into the YaBB dir, open the Sources subfolder and edit the file. Now, everything between this set of <edit file> tags and the next set is instructions on what you are supposed to do with the file, the format is quite literal. The first thing you will encounter is the <search for> tag. This is a simple one, just search for the contents of this tag. The next tag is one out of three, and they tell you what you should do with what you found:

<replace>: Replace what you searched for with the content of this tag. </replace>

<add before>: Add the contents of this tag before what you searched for. </add before>

<add after>: Add the contents of this tag after what you searched for. </add after>

Continue like this with the file you opened until you encounter a new <edit file> tag. When you do, close and save the file you have edited, and open the new one.

Uninstalling a MOD

To Uninstall a MOD that has been auto installed, simply click the check mark next to the checked installed MOD. It will automtically uninstall when ran twice on the same MOD.

   Can't uninstall a mod - HELP!  This happens when the mod adds new settings in When you have changed such a new setting, you first have to set it back before uninstall the mod. If this doesn't help you'll have to remove the mod manually. To do this just click on the button on the lower left and follow the instructions given to you. (note that no mods for YaBB 1 Gold SP1 or newer will change settings in You've probably installed a mod that changed the code for this mod)

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