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404 Not Found Error (Read 10089 times)
Captain John

404 Not Found Error
Sep 25th, 2007 at 2:56am
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Why Am I Getting A 404 Error?

   A 404 error occurs because the web server cannot find the file you requested.

Note that the example URL's below uses the URL to the file, which is the main URL for your forum. When accessing the Setup routine, you will of course be pointing your browser to instead of, but apart from that, there are no difference.

There are basically 3 resons for a 404-error to occur

   1. You have spelled the URL wrong. Make sure you spell it correctly, remember that most servers are case sensitve when it comes to URL's. Also remember that to access your YaBB forum, it should end in either or YaBB.cgi, like this:
   2. Your URL doesn't point to the correct location. You may for instance have an extra directory in there, you might be missing a directory or similar. A common mistake is to actually included the web root directory in the URL. Common root directory names are html, public_html, www and htdocs. Note that these names might also occur inside the html root, and as such might be required to be in the URL, so don't blindly go around removing these from the URL. So, if you uploaded your YaBB files to /htdocs/forum/yabb/ using FTP, your url is most probably, NOT
   3. You uploaded the files to an illegal location on the server. In this case, no matter what URL you try, you will never find it. Usually, this happens because people creates their own directories OUTSIDE the actual web server root, where they are not accessible by the web server at all. Another example of illegal location that happens on many servers if you create your own cgi-bin directory. Many servers have the name 'cgi-bin' pointing to some other location, thus rendering the web server unable to see the contents of 'your' cgi-bin. One should always use the server-provided cgi-bin directory, and if none exist, never create a directory with this name, unless one know that the server doesen't have any cgi-bin redirection enabled...

Or inconjuction with another Error, you get a 404 Error for not finding an Error html page that explains or describes the Error for Display.

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Captain John

Re: 404 Not Found Error
Reply #1 - Jan 15th, 2010 at 6:15pm
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Why a Custom 404 Error Page?

Pages move, links break, URLs get misspelled - visitors to your site will most likely be faced with a 404 error page at some time.
If no custom 404 error page exists it will not help visitors find what they are looking for on your organization's site. Visitors are left with no choice but to back up and try again. If they have an incorrect URL to begin with, they may just leave feeling frustrated. Providing a custom 404 page that includes your identity, main navigation links to your site and a search box will help visitors to your site find what they are looking for. Usability studies show that visitors who find what they are looking for rate the website as more professional, a site they want to return to, and better overall.

What Should a Custom 404 Error Page Have on it?

Here are some basic guidelines:

    * Start with a simple statement that the requested URL could not be found.
    * Have a way for the visitor to contact the site owner or webmaster.
    * Provide a link to your organization's home page.
    * Give the visitor a search field linked to your site's pages.
    * Offer the main navigation to your site.
    * Consider providing prominently placed links to the most popular sections of your site.
    * Brand your error page with your logo and the look and feel of your site.

You will need 2 files, running Apache/Unix/Linux, an .htaccess file and the html error page.

In order to specify your own customized error documents, you simply need to add the following command, on one line, within your htaccess file:

    ErrorDocument code /directory/filename.ext
    ErrorDocument 404 /errors/notfound.html
    This would cause any error code resulting in 404 to be forward to

   For help designing, search the web for: 404 error page design

For Windows Servers Configuring Custom Error Messages (IIS 6.0)

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