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Using the Convertor (Read 3942 times)
Using the Convertor  {yabbadmin}
  If your converting a YaBB forum, that the messages begin with a 9, then you should:
Recent Topics (Old Coversion )
a simple ASCII-betical sort problem of time

in Recent.pl find
Code Select All
$mtime = $mdate; 

and replace it with:
Code Select All
$mtime = $mdate < 1000000000 ? "0$mdate" : $mdate; 

Converting 1.x to 2.1

Conversion TimeOuts (If your present (Old) forum is very large, you might get Timeout errors) See the reply to this message, below.

What you need to do is  (After installing the Newest YaBB Version)

If your running a very old version of YaBB, it will help if you setup the membergroups in the New YaBB forum, to match your old groups, prior to running the Converter.

Copy all files from /Boards, /Members, and /Messages from your OLD YaBB 1.x forum to the corresponding /Convert folders in your NEW YaBB 2 installation.

You must then copy Variables files cat.txt, membergroups.txt and
from your OLD YaBB 1.x forum to the /Convert/Variables folder of the NEW YaBB 2 installation.  Don't forget, if you have attachments, they also must be transferred into the ./Attachment folder of the Forum.

Don't forget to upload in ASCII mode and Chmod all the files to 666 then run the Setup.pl program as you did when you installed the the new forum software

You can now follow the on-screen instructions provided by the Converter. It will step you through its 5 steps by having you click the next step's link when it is time.

After converting you should be ready to login and test your new forum.... Load YaBB.pl as shown in the previous setup stages (e.x. http://www.example.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl). Again, modify this URL to fit your specific website and YaBB installation location.

After you have successfully run your YaBB forum from the web, you need to try logging in with your existing account.

Test everything, such as posting, registering a new member, modifying messages, etc.

Once you are satisfied that your YaBB 1.x forum has properly been converted, use your FTP client to delete 'cgi-bin/yabb2/Setup.pl,' 'cgi-bin/yabb2/Variables/setup.lock' if it exists, and 'cgi-bin/yabb2/Variables/converter.lock.' This will prevent anyone from tampering with your forum using the Setup Utility.


Problems....  {yabbadmin}
You might want to check the following: If the postings from an "Ex-Member" are older than the "Registration-Date" of this member, than YaBB 2 won't match these postings to this member, even thought the member has the same user name.
In YaBB 1, the username was the unique identifyer for the poster. Say "Tom" posted something in March, then you deleted this member, then you re-registered "Tom" in November, his old postings would be given back to him. In contrast, Yabb 2 now checkes the dates and concludes that the November-Tom is a different Tom and therefore, the March-Tom-Postings will be declared as "by Tom (Ex-Member). In this case, just set the registration Date of November-Tom to March and the postings will be given to him.

NOTE: This edit below, has been added to Y2.2.2 TaBB, so No need to edit Setup.pl, if installing Y2.2.2 or Newer.
As far as the timeouts with message conversions are concerned, do this:

Open your Setup.pl and change 3 spot. Remember, to make a backup of Setup.pl, before doing these changes.
First, search the spot where message conversion starts:

Code Select All
# Message Conversion ##  

Now, just about 10 lines below this, search the following spot:

Code Select All
	opendir("BOARDSDIR", $convboardsdir);
	@messages = grep { /\.txt$/ } readdir(BOARDSDIR);

behind this, insert the following:

Code Select All
	# Message Conversion Speedup Add-On ------------------------------
	if (-e "$datadir/_done.log") {
		fopen(DONE_LOG, "$datadir/_done.log");
		@done = grep {/\n$/} <DONE_LOG>;
		foreach $done_entry (@done) {
		chomp $done_entry;
	else {
		@done = "";
	undef %is_done;
	for (@done) {
		$is_done{$_} = 1;
	# End Speedup Add-on --------------------------------------------- 

Now, just about 20 more lines below this, search the following spot:

Code Select All
if (-e "$convdatadir/$thread.txt") { 

change this into the following:

Code Select All
if (-e "$convdatadir/$thread.txt" && !$is_done{$thread}) { 

And one more thing further down, search for:

Code Select All
				fopen(CTB, ">$datadir/$thread.ctb");
				print CTB "$foundfile\n\n";
				print CTB "$views\n";
				print CTB "$lastposter\n";
				print CTB "$lastpostdate\n";
				print CTB "$trstate\n";

And after this, insert the following:

Code Select All
				# Message Conversion Speedup Add-On ------------------------------
				fopen(DONE_LOG, ">>$datadir/_done.log");
				print DONE_LOG "$thread\n";
				# End Speedup Add-on --------------------------------------------- 

Now, what does this do? It's quite simple: Whenever a thread was successfully converted, the threadnumber is written into a log file called "_done.log" located in the messages directory.

If the conversion crashes due to a time-out, it can simply be restarted. The script will open up the log file (only in case it exists - which of course is not the case the first time you start the process), and before it converts a thread, it checks in the log whether this thread was already converted. If so, it will simply skip it. This way, conversion of the boards is faster and will not re-do all the conversions which were already fine.

Of course, depending on the size of your boards (the number and length of the threads therein), the conversion may still crash a couple of times (mine did so about 15! times). But if it does, with a 500 error, just hit the browser's "reload" button.

Don't get nervous, if after reloading the browser sticks to the error screen and eventually crashes again (you can tell when the browser is finished working/loading). Just wait until it stops working (but do! wait that long!) and then hit reload again. The pretty conversion status screen is only reloaded after all threads of a board are through. So you may seem to get stuck at the error screen for a couple of reloads. Don't worry, eventually, you'll be through.

Should you ever want to restart the whole conversion process, don't forget to delete the "_done.log" file from the messages directory.

Hope this helps! It did for me - good luck Smiley


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