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FTP "File Transfer Protocol" (Read 4064 times)
Captain John

FTP "File Transfer Protocol"
Oct 12th, 2007 at 3:03am
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FTP Clients

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most common way on the Internet to upload or download files from one computer to another; it is a secure protocol that has been proven to work.  To install and update YaBB, you will need to upload your files and FTP is one of the best ways to do this if not the easiest.  To upload/download files via FTP you will need an FTP client

FTP clients come in many different forms and many have very advanced features.  For your convenience we have compiled a list of FTP clients that you may wish to try.  All the clients listed below are free.  Please note: you want to download a FTP client, NOT a server.  Please bear this in mind when downloading your choice of program as some of the ones listed below have also server editions.

You should familiarize yourself with the Transfer options and how to set them; 
  • Binary transfer mode is required to upload/download image files (.gif, .jpg, .png).
  • ASCII transfer mode is required to upload/download Perl or Text files.

Transfering Text files in Binary mode or transferring images in ASCII mode WILL corrupt them and you will get errors when you try to run your YaBB forum.
They simply won't work.

We recommend you DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF AUTO MODE to transfer your files with a FTP client.

The reason for this is simple - YaBB uses some unique file extensions that FTP clients do not recognize.. and when that happens, the FTP client will, by default, choose one or the other modes, usually the WRONG one.  Then when your forum won't run because of a corrupt file, the only way to fix it is to upload the files all over again in the correct mode.  You can save yourself the grief of having to do it all over again by doing it right the first time.

FTP clients: 

For Windows

    * FileZilla - FileZilla Homepage - FreeWare
    * SmartFTP - SmartFTP Homepage - FreeWare/ShareWare
    * CuteFTP - GlobalScape Homepage - ShareWare
    * WSFTP - Ipswitch Homepage - ShareWare

For Linux

    * gFTP ~ gFTP Homepage
    * KFTP ~ KFTP Homepage - KDE
    * Konqueror ~ Konqueror Homepage - KDE
    * Kasablanca ~ Kasablanca Project Page - KDE

For Mac OS X

    * CyberDuck ~ CyberDuck Homepage


    * FireFTP ~ FireFTP Project Page - Mozilla Firefox - Multi-Platform
    * Net2FTP ~ Net2FTP Site - Online FTP Client - Platform Independent

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Re: FTP "File Transfer Protocol"
Reply #1 - Jan 26th, 2010 at 12:01am
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Here's a great guide to understanding FTP from the FileZilla developers.

It should be noted that filezilla is free/Open Source software and has both client and server version for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

JonB - 2010.01.25
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