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Installing YaBB on a Corporate Novell Server Intranet (Read 3117 times)
Captain John

Installing YaBB on a Corporate Novell Server Intranet
Oct 12th, 2007 at 3:38am
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YaBB on NetWare 5.1
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Instructions for installing YaBB 2 on Netware 5.1.
Step 1

Before you being, check that your server is properlly installed and is working correctly.
Step 2

Download and install the Perl binaries from the Novell NetWare site
Step 3

    * Place the forum data (cgi-bin stuff) in sys:perl\web
    * Place public files (www stuff) in sys:Novonyx\suitespot\docs

Step 4

Open and find the line that contains $use_flock = 1; and change it to $use_flock = 0;
Step 5

Open and remove the following lines:

if (eval "require Time::HiRes"){
use Time::HiRes qw(time); #benchmarking
  $START_TIME = time;

Step 6

Access in your browser (http://YOURDOMAIN/perl/ Make sure you fill inn all the paths and URL's correctly.
Step 7

Finally, you must either turn off Perl security or you will have to add login commands to the beginning of the file to have it log into NDS, or it won't find any of the files. The login is accomplished through the Perl UCS/UCX components.

To turn Perl security off, open Sys:/system/nwsec.ini and change the Perl entry from ON to OFF

Once all steps are completed, your YaBB should be located at http://YOURDOMAIN/perl/

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