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Update Sessions Constant (Read 5391 times)
Captain John

Update Sessions Constant
Dec 29th, 2007 at 2:55pm
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For those of you who don't know, what happens is this: (I stay logged in when I leave)

When you come back to YaBB Forums, after staying logged in, a button may appear at the top with the rest (Home, Help, Search, Members, Favorites, etc.) that says 'Update Session' .

If this appears this means that you either entered the site with a different IP address, or the site thinks you did.

When you click the button, it takes you to a page where it says:

Your Session has expired, as you entered the forum from a different
IP address (xx.xx.xx.xx)

To check your credentials answer the following question you entered in your profile

If you selected a question, you're suppoed to put your answer, if you didn't, then it asks for your password.

After you do this, you should be 'officially' logged in, meaning you can edit your posts or board, depending if you are a mod.

Now, the problem that members run into is that, after doing the above login, it keeps saying 'Update Session', no matter how many times they login, or try to log out (It wouldn't let me log out)

If you are having this problem, read below for possible solutions...

Possible Ways to Solve this Problem

1) After some research, it appears that Web Accelerator programs can cause real confusion to programs like YaBB.  Both Tails and y4e found the problem was with an extension called Google Web Accelerator.  While this was installed, they were unable to successfully Update Session.  By removing this program, they found they were able to Update Session and carry on using YaBB as normal. 

2) Fasterfox is a web accelerator program for Firefox.  Tails uses this program with Firefox without it causing any problems for YaBB, but people on other forums have said it works in a similar way to Google's Web Accelerator (especially if 'prefetching' is enabled).  If you do not have Google Web Accelerator but do have Fasterfox and are having problems, try disabling Prefetching under the Fasterfox's Fasterfox tab.  If this doesn't work, try setting Fasterfox to use the Optimized, or even Default Profile (NOT Turbo Charged under any circumstances).

3) If you do not have any of the above two programs, check what extensions or plugins you do have.  Do any talk about 'accelerating' your web surfing or 'improving web page loading times'? If yes, try disabling or removing these programs.

4) Mafioshi has found that sometimes he can Update Session in Firefox, but it doesn't change from 'Update Session' to 'Admin Centre' as it should in his case.  He found that by quitting Firefox and reloading YAF, he was again showing as properly 'logged in'.  So try quitting and reloading Firefox (or IE if you're still using that Wink), if you do not have any web accelerator programs installed, and see if that fixes the problem.

5) If that doesn't work, try clearing your web browser's cache and clearing cookies.  Then quit and reload. 

If we find out any other causes or solutions to this problem we'll update this post.  In the meantime, if you have any problems or find any new solutions to this, please share your findings here on this topic.

So anyways that is possible cause/solutions for the Update Session issue.

Contributed by Mafioshi from Yoshi Art Forums
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Captain John

Re: Update Sessions Constant
Reply #1 - Jul 28th, 2008 at 3:05pm
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Sessions won't allow login

in Variables/secsettings.txt  in line 10

set to 0

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$sessions = 1 ;


In Y2.4 and Y2.5
edit in the ./Variables folder
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$sessions = 0;                                    # Set to 1 to activate session id protection. 

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