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How to Install YaBB 2.2 on FreeBSD-6.2 (Read 5243 times)
Captain John

How to Install YaBB 2.2 on FreeBSD-6.2
Jan 12th, 2008 at 5:43pm
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I've created an install package for YaBB-2.2 installs on FreeBSD-6.2.
Just a few bourne shell scripts mostly, but it includes the lastest
(as of 2007-12-15) bug fix (,
the original YaBB tar file (YaBB_2.2.tar.gz),
and the Quick-Guide update file (3.html).
The package has been tested on a FreeBSD-6.2 system ONLY
so far, but should work fine on any BSD/Linux/GNU system.  The
scripts are quiet simple, and should be eazy to modify to fit any
The included scripts are:

    * - the main installer script
    * - apply bug fix files over fresh install
    * - handle carriage returns in text files
    * - ensure directories/files have correct modes

YaBB-Tools will create a fresh YaBB-2.2 installation.
If found, any existing install will be moved to "" ie:
The package is called YaBB-Tools.tar.gz, and is availible at: ;
If there is any interest, I'll create a script to
handle upgrading an existing YaBB-2.x install...
(my script is not very pretty so far...)
* hackware
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