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Upgrading to Y2.2.X (Read 9490 times)
Captain John

Upgrading to Y2.2.X
Jan 12th, 2008 at 6:20pm
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The easiest and safest way to UpGrade to YaBB 2.2.X is to Install YaBB 2.2.X First !!
Download the YaBB "2.2.x" (make sure the installation zip file is 2.2.3 latest version).  Unzip the Installation zip file on "your computer".

Before beginning, be sure you have edited,, in the yabb2 folder for the proper Path to Perl also Admin/ and Sources/ if installing Y2.3.x] for your Host Server.  Also the correct mailing system your Host Server uses (Check with your Host !), AND the paths and url of your Forum !

Using a FTP program (Monzilla or some other) Upload all the folders and files, from the unzipped directories, transferring ALL the folders and files using an ASCII transfer (NOT the default Auto transfer in the FTP program) EXCEPT image and swf files, which have to be transferred using a Binary transfer.  THIS is VERY important !!  Using the wrong method WILL corrupt the files.

After upload is successful ....

Perform CHMOD on ALL the folders, images, pl, pm, js and swf type files to 755.  Using the FTP program allows you to CHMOD, by selecting (highlighting) all folders or files you want to change and then Right Clicking them, selecting Permissions (Properties) and setting the CHMOD.  This can be done in cPanel, BUT only one folder or file at a time.

 Then point your internet browser at and run.  The default password is admin.  Set your PATHs (NOTE: There is a difference between Dir and URL, be sure to use the correct needed.  VERIFY !!
After Saving .. point your Internet browser at and Run.  Enter admin as the username and password.
Go to your User Panel and change your PASSWORD and setup your profile.  You may then CLICK on ADMIN CENTER Button and setup your forum.  CHECK and SAVE "ALL" pages of the Forum configuration (even if you don't change anything on a page). Then when satisfied your NEW 2.2 Forum is running Ok ....

If your converting an Old Version of YaBB 2.x .. continue (Users of 1.x must use the Convert)
COPY ..... All the files from your OLD Forum, from the following folders:

yabb2/Variables     Do NOT overwrite Menu*.def files !!!!

and if you have any New Smilies, New Forum logo, New Avatars, New Buttons or Attachments, these MUST be copied to the respective folders in the NEW Forum folders.

IF you have a Special Template ... the "ENTIRE" Special Template folders in the cgi-bin and html should be copied to the New Forums yabb2/Templates AND yabbfiles/Template/Forum folder, including the CSS file, rename,  Do NOT overwrite existing files !

Then .... login to your NEW Forum and go to the Admin Center and run the recount/rebuild maintenance functions .....  if your want your OLD template as default, this must be selected in the Admin Center > Forum Settings.
Enjoy !

NOTE:  Most MODs will NOT work, until they have been reworked by the MODding community at to be compatible with version 2.2.3, and then re-installed.
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Captain John

Re: Upgrading to Y2.2.X
Reply #1 - Oct 6th, 2008 at 6:04pm
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How you do this will depend on what version you are upgrading FROM.

I am upgrading from version 2.2.2 or version 2.2.1:
  1. Make a backup of your forum!  While you are there, take note of your file permissions.
  2. Download the zip file, unzip it on your PC
  3. Read this carefully: Upload (write over) from the unzipped folders, all the files in the yabb2 folder and sub folders of your forum, EXCEPT FOR files in Boards, Members, Messages, Variables, and the yabb/Templates/default/default.html file, i.e. - your forum template.  All of these should all be uploaded in ASCII mode
  4. Upload (in ASCII mode) the three Menu.def files in the Variables folder of the unzipped folder to your forum.
  5. Decision time:  You can either upload the new yabb/Templates/default/default.html file and modify it after the fact, OR you can modify it to match your current templates, then upload it.  One way or the other, it's important that you incorporate changes made to this yabb/Templates/default/default.html file into your default (and any other) template file.
  6. Upload all files in the yabbfiles folder and sub folders of your unzipped folders, EXCEPT the yabbfile/Templates/Forum/ .css files.  Upload all graphic files (.jpg, .gif, .png) and .swf files in Binary mode, all other files upload in ASCII mode.
  7. Decision time again: you can either upload the new .css files and modify them to suit your tastes after the fact, OR you can modify them first by comparing the values in your backup files and editing the new .css file(s), then upload them.  Again, the important thing is that the new changes end up in the file one way or the other.  .css files should be uploaded in ASCII mode.
  8. Verify all your file permission are correctly set as it applies to your server (see step 1).  The general guideline is CHMOD 755 for all Folder, .pl, .pm, .js, and all image files.  Everything else, CHMOD 666.

Log on, and enjoy!

I am upgrading from version 2.2 or earlier:

Follow the procedure in this post.
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