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Adding to YaBB (Read 1426 times)
Captain John

Adding to YaBB
Jan 19th, 2008 at 5:13pm
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First you'll need to download and install (bobbit's)
Once you get it and it is set up and running, then you can make it appear integrated as a photo album in your Yabb forum.

Here is how I did it.

First you'll need a mod or two...

Go to and get the

Custom Page Mod for Yabb 2.1  or  Custom Page Mod for Yabb 2.2

Get which ever version of YaBB you are using...
With this mod you can add as many custom pages to YaBB As you want, making your forums a website with the same template.

Using yabb21.html template this mod will add a new tab for each custom page automatically.
 Any other template (except Y2.2's, which has an Add Tab Feature) you will have to go in and manually add new tabs to the new links

Install those mods as per directions.

Now you have everything let the fun begin!

First we will create a new page using the Custom Page Mod.

-Go to your admin center
-Scroll down to installed mods
-Click on Custom Page Mod
-click on, Create new page

1.) Page Title= The way the browser bars reads.. "I called mine" (Photo Gallery)
2.) Page Query(e.g. = How the file will display on your servers directory, I called mine (PhotoGallery)
3.) Enable YABBC in html? = uncheck (note: you can not use forum code and HTML at the same time) this is going to be an html script.
4.) Show link in Custom Page Menu?: adds tab to yabba21 template
5.) Enable click counter? Optional
6.) Disable guest access? Optional

Now we place the code in the HTML box.

Use this code:

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<iframe name="FRAME1" src="" width="100%" height="1000" frameborder="0" ></iframe> 

(change the URL to point towards your file)

Click Submit!

New link has been created in you yabb21 template.
You can go back and access Custom Page Mod to add more pages, delete pages or edit pages at any time.

If you are using YaBB 2.2  default.html template:
Now you need to add a tab.

-Click on the add tabs icon
-Name your Tab
-Paste the URL in place.
-Select options
-Select where to put it in your tab row
-Click add tab

Wala.. your is now fully integrated into your boards!

Custom template:
Go to YaBB support forums to learn what files to edit and what scripts to add to manually add tabs or buttons, or just make a link in your board somewhere.

provided by: PSS-Mag
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