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Adding a Lanquage (Read 72 times)
Captain John

Adding a Lanquage
Jan 31st, 2008 at 4:47am
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Download the Language Pack, there should be 2 (possibly 3) folders in the Pack.

In the cgi-bin/Yabb2 folder:



In the yabbfiles folder


Simply placing the folders at ...........

Folder structure would look like this, English is default language included with the YaBB installation zip.

Note: ALL the files under the Languages & Help folders should be uploaded using the AscII transfer mode.


                   |          |_/Admin
                   |          |_/GMod
                   |          |_/Moderator   
                   |          |_/User
                   |          |_/Admin
                   |          |_/GMod
                   |          |_/Moderator   
                   |          |_/User

Note: ALL files within the Buttons folder should be uploaded using the Binary Transfer mode.

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Re: Adding a Lanquage
Reply #1 - Dec 13th, 2015 at 3:47pm
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For 2.6

The buttons folder is no longer used.

Language packs should come in 2 'flavors': UTF-8 or other encoding.

If you are running a brand new forum (no file conversion needed), use the UTF-8 version of the language pack and set the English character encoding to UTF-8 in the Admin center -> Forum Settings -> General. This only sets the English character encoding.

If you are converting an old YaBB forum, choose the 'other' character encoding for your language and set English to 'ISO-8859-1' in the Admin Center.

Newest 2.6.11 Language packs can be found at

Note: Many 2.6.11 language packs do not yet have Help files.

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