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Ex-Member (Read 395 times)
Captain John

Feb 5th, 2008 at 10:41pm
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Note: a member can legally become an ex-member, if he/she or the Admin deletes the profile of said user.
Note: doing ANY upgrade, it is very important to change the install date in the Admin Center > Forum Settings to a date and time "before" the older forums oldest member registration.  If not done, Search will not function and the possibility of causing ex-members being generated, when old members/messages are moved to the new forum version.
  Be sure to run the Maintenance functions (from top to bottom) after the old boards/members/messages have been moved to the new forum (after date/time has been corrected).

Whether it be the Admin or a User .. suddenly becomes an Ex-Member ..
Usually the problem is a Server qlitch, that some how changed the Time and/or Date Which reflects in the Admin Center > Forum Settings.
This Date/Time of the Forum Installation, MUST be "before" any member has registered.  Check the Members list for the Oldest Registered Member and then Set the Date/Time of the Forum Installation prior (before) that date.  eg.  Admin registered 12/10/2001 ... Forum Installation Date should be 12/09/2001 ... to be safe.
Recount/Rebuild Members in the Admin Center > Maintenance.

Added for individual user date info  - OHE

For any member, the progression of dates should be:

Forum Start Date --> Member Registration Date --> Date of Member's first post.

Member Registration Date is editable in the user's Profile in the Admin Edits section.

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Captain John

Re: Ex-Member
Reply #1 - Jan 25th, 2009 at 6:04am
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When you look at "admin edits" it still shows the reg date from the vars record, which looks correct.  If you save the unmodified user record, this doesn't fix the users registration date
if you modify the date, THEN it gets saved.

   NOTE:  A server glitch can cause members .vars files to be zero'd, which will cause an ex-member error.  Also if you run out of harddisk space on your web host, this will cause members vars files to be zero'd.
   Restore any members .vars file from a backup.
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