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Problem with diacritic letters (Read 2264 times)
Problem with diacritic letters  {yabbadmin}
Problem is that when I put some diacritic letters (č, ć and đ) in the name of category or board it doesn't appear correctly, but it shows some stupid signs. I tried to change charset in template in admin center to windows-1250 or iso-8859-2 but no result. Also I changed encoding in Firefox and IE but nothing helps. However, these letters appear normally in topics and message posts... Is there any solution?
Second problem is related to my translation on croatian language. When I translated boardindex.lng and uploaded to try it, same diacritic letters (as I mentioned above) won't appear correctly, the same problem as with board and category names... I hope someone can help me, because translation without these letters is incomplete!

updated files as you instructed me to. I must say that my problem is partially resolved. Board and category names are now ok, but problem with diacritic characters remains, although somewhat different than before. Now, when I upload translated lng file, e.g. BoardIndex.lng, it doesn't show diacritic letters until I change encoding in Firefox or IE in Central European (Windows) (and every time when I press home in my forum the problem appears again)!!! I tried as before changing charset in template default file but nothing. I would like that my forum members (and others when I release full language pack) don't need to change encoding in their web viewer every time they press home in forum...

. Edit file Main.lng (under Languages/english or other language) and instead of iso-8859-1 put windows-1250 and there you go

Supplied by Hrki

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