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How To Create A New Style Sheet And Modify Your Templates (Read 8481 times)
OH Eng

How To Create A New Style Sheet And Modify Your Templates
Apr 29th, 2008 at 3:54am
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Starting with a style sheet, you can load one that's already available in the list to the right of the words "Style Sheet."  Here you can modify the various colors and parameters of the style sheet.  Let's say you modify it to be lime green.  Shocked  At the bottom, to the left of the "Save" button, there is a blank box for you to type in a specified file name.  So you could save this as "lime" (or whatever name you choose).  For this example we'll call it lime.  This saves a new file called lime.css in your yabbfiles/Templates/Forum folder.

Next you go to Template Configuration and in the Template block you can load up any existing template you choose.  For this example, let's use Forum default.  In the Configuration block you select "lime" (or whatever you named your style sheet) in the Style Sheet block, and what you will see is the lime style sheet applied to the default template.  You can save this as a new template name by typing in a new name for it to the left of the "Save" button at the bottom and pressing "save."

Notice there are different templates used for various parts of the forum... Board Index, Message Index, User CP, etc.  To apply this new design (style sheet) throughout all these templates of your forum, you need to click the radio button for each one, one at a time, and save the file with that same new name, in this example, lime.  

It's important to understand that this does NOT create a whole new set of Template files for your forum.  All it's going to do is update a file called template.cfg in your yabb/Variables folder and create a new template NAME.  When you select that name, such as in the User CP/Profile/Options, the program "knows" to apply your lime.css to the existing template file(s) to produce the new look/colors you want.

If you want to select this new template to be the default one for your forum, that is done in Forum Settings.  Applying this new template name there will only change it for guests and those who have not joined your forum yet.  Existing members (including you) will not see this new template until you go into the User CP and select it in the Profile/Options section.  It will appear in the drop down list.  Select, save, done.

At some point later in time, you may decide you want to modify your template, say for example to change the forum logo.  You go into the Admin Center/Forum Layout/Template intending to modify the lime template but you don't see "lime" in the Template drop-down list.  What to do???

Remember, you didn't make new template FILES, you only made a new template NAME.  That new name associated an existing template FILE (Forum default) with a new Style Sheet (lime).  If you want to change the template, you should edit the template file you associated with your style sheet when you saved it as "lime," which, in this case, would be the Forum default template.

Note than changes you make to the Default template FILE will show up whether you select the Forum default template (file) OR the lime template (name) as your preferred template.  This is because lime is just the Forum default template file with the lime.css file applied to it.

Note:  Viewing different Templates
  Once you set the default Template in Admin Center > Forum Settings, Guests will see the New Template.
  Since you are logged in, you will see the Template "you" selected in your Users CP > Profile.  To see the New Template, set as the default, you must change your selection in your profile or Log Out.

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