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 Instructions: YaBB Install on Suse Linux. (Read 192 times)
Captain John

 Instructions: YaBB Install on Suse Linux.
Jul 20th, 2008 at 4:20am
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This works for Suse Linux 9.3; should work with Suse 10.
   Should would with many other flavors of Unix/Linux with some modifications for directory path changes. I wrote these instructions while installing YaBB 2.2.2 on an Intell LM1104 Bookshelf PC (a tiny little PC box!) which runs Suse 9.3 on a PII 350Mhz with an 8GB HD and 128MB RAM. I use it as an experimental server, testing programs on it before sending it out to my online servers. This will work on any PC running Suse Linux set up as a Web Server.

Suse is one of the more secure Linux Distros out there, the reason being that it is a lesser used Linux Distro as compared to Red Hat/Fedora which has a very large following. The lesser known a system is, its weaknesses and security issues will also be lesser known; it is not that the company hosting it would not continue to provide support, in the case of Novell for Suse, constant updates are always being sent out.

To install YaBB on Suse, or on any version of Linux / Unix, you- the server owner/admin must make sure that Perl is installed on the machine. Most people create a Basic Linux install which just has the Operating System, Windows Manager and a few games and application. This will not simply suffice, as one must install the OS as a Web Server. This means selecting all the Web Server and Networking options that the distribution has to offer upon installation, including PERL. Once you have this step done, then you can install PERL.

Suse differs from most Linux Distros in that it uses a separate folder/directory for Web Service. Other than this, it is as simple as installing it on any other system. The key issues here again, like on any other system, is the settings of permissions.

All web files go into the /srv/www (services/web) directory/folder. Opening the /srv/web directory/folder, shows the others: /perl-lib, /cgi-bin, /htdocs. You can ignore the /perl-lib directory/folder, as the other two are important in installing YaBB.

When you upload the compressed YaBB file to your system, it will be need to be decompressed. This will create a YaBB directory/folder and with it several files and a couple of directories/folders. The two directories/folders are called 'cgi-bin' and 'public_html'. Furthermore you can not just dump files into the /srv/www/cgi-bin and /srv/www/htdocs directories/folders, because you yourself do not have the proper permissions to do this. You will need to open these folders under as the Root or SuperUser.

Once you open the /srv/www/cgi-bin and srv/www/htdocs directories/folders, you can open the YaBB directories/folders.
    Inside YaBB's 'cgi-bin' directory/folder, is a directory/folder called yabb2. Copy it to /srv/www/cgi-bin directory/folder.
    Inside YaBB's 'public_html' directory/folder, is a directory/folder called yabbfiles. Copy it to /srv/www/htdocs directory/folder.
    When done, you have now copied YaBB into the Suse Webserver. The next step is setting up of permissions.

Inside the /srv/www/cgi-bin/yabb2 is a bunch of files and directories/folders. All files within that ending in '.pl' gets chmod to 755. The exception to this is the in the yabb2 folder and in /Variables folder, which get chmod to 777. The folders 'Board', 'Members' and 'Messages' get chmod to 777.

Inside the /srv/www/htdocs/yabbfiles is a bunch of files and directories/folders. All files within ending in '.js' gets chmod to 755. Everything else, including directories/folders and their files get chmod 644.

Now is this all? Yes and No. Yes, for uploading and setting the file permissions into a Suse Webserver. No, as in you still have to run in your browser.

While setting up the paths locations in, make sure to use absolute paths: srv/www/htdocs/yabbfiles and /srv/www/cgi-bin/yabb2 instead of the ./  . Though Suse can use the indirect ./ as a directory, it is best to have it as an absolute pointer to the needed files. It is better to have your YaBB script files follow an absolute path setting, instead of a relative one (which what ./ is). Once you complete the steps in, you will have a running YaBB Forum on your Suse Webserver!

In Suse Linux running Perl, you do not have to change the shebang line in the files (, and This is because Suse, uses the standard #!usr/bin/perl -- for Perl Scripts.

Like any other system, Suse has its own little quirks. You as a server owner/user has to know these quirks if you are going be successful in doing anything with your system. Once you know these Suse specific issues, can you go forth install almost anything onto a Suse Linux Server running Perl.

All other Linux Distros are similar in this installation, the difference being the location of the Webserver directories/folders. If you know where your Linux server stores its web files at, you can use these instructions, replacing /srv/www with what you have on your system. You may also need to check the location of your Perl, as that too might be different (and then require editing the 3 files above).

by Elfen
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