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Recycle Bin & Global Anouncement Boards (Read 2944 times)
Captain John

Recycle Bin & Global Anouncement Boards
Jul 28th, 2008 at 3:01pm
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When creating a board the Global Announcement box is not tickable

When you first installed your YaBB2.1 the Global Announcement and Recycle Bin are already installed. Have you deleted them after first install??

If so to the above firstly take a look in the forum.master file in the Boards Folder you may find the following

$board{'announcements'} = "Global Announcements||";
$board{'recycle'} = "Recycle Bin||";

If so Delete it. Do a backup of the file first.

also in the forum.control file you may find the following

staff|announcements||Topics you place in this board will display as a "Global Announcement" on the top of all other boards.  Use this for things such as forum rules, top news articles, or important statements.|admin||Administrator|||0||1|||||
staff|recycle||If the Recycle Bin is turned on, removed topics will be moved to this board. This will allow you to recover them if it is necessary.  You should purge messages in this board frequently to keep it clean.||||||1|||1||||

delete this also then upload to changed files and Chmod to 666 then go and make the new boards and you should be able to tick the boxes.

You may have to also create a category called Forum Staff if this has been deleted.

Don't Forget BACKUP All The Files BEFORE You Start Changing Them.
OR .........
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