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Won't Validate with email link (Read 2078 times)
Captain John

Won't Validate with email link
Jul 28th, 2008 at 3:13pm
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when I tested registration. It seems it sends an e-mail, which I received, but when I click the link:

"This user was not pre-registered or the allowed time span of 24 hours expired"

Somehow I get the feeling that the Members dir itsself does not have the correct chmods.
Basically clicking the activation link does four things:

1. it checks if the activation code is the same as saved in the list with pre-registered users
2. if the code is correct it renames the <userid>.pre file to <userid>.vars (which needs correct chmods)
3. it removes the entry for this ID from the pre-registration list and adds it to the memberlist
4. it sends the user an email that registration was succesfull.

Known issues with some email clients are the html conversion of the link which changes certain characters into their html equivalents, which makes the activation link fail.

Solution is to copy&paste the link from the message straight into your browser and activation should work.

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