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Admin can't login (Read 10772 times)
Captain John

Admin can't login
Jul 28th, 2008 at 3:19pm
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Admin can't sign in

1.) An Admin who has forgotten their password, may edit admin.vars file (located in ./Members folder) and overwrite the encrypted password with a plain text word, save and then login with this password.

--Another possible cause---

For whatever reason, "admin" may had been removed from both the memberlist.txt and memberinfo.txt files in the Members folder.

This is why you may still get the error message "username/password mismatch" even after you have updated the admin.var file.

The solution is to open the original files (from a fresh YaBB Installation Zip file) and copy the line of text containing the "admin" details and paste them into your current memberlist.txt and memberinfo.txt files (that you have downloaded from your site).  Be careful, DO NOT upload the files from the installation zip, (without editing as described) overwriting the existing files or you will lose all your current members details; once edited, upload using AscII transfer mode, overwriting existng files).

Another .... possible solution

If the above doesn't work, replace the admin.vars file with one from the installation zip and upload using AscII transfer mode (into the ./Members folder, overwriting the existing file), then use the default word admin as the username and password.

Another possible cause ...

Admin.vars file "0" bytes

  The only way to fix this is to overwrite the file either with a backup file OR an admin.vars file from the ./Members folder in the Installation zip file.


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