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Understanding User registration (Read 271 times)
Captain John

Understanding User registration
Jul 28th, 2008 at 3:22pm
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A pre-registered user creates a new <userid>.pre file and his ID, together with a timestamp and the activation key is saved in a file in members (the pre registration log called memberlist.inactive).

So this means those two files have to be written (you can check using FTP if the .pre files get written and if the data is also entered in memberlist.inactive.

If this is working the activation link should do the following if succesful.

First of all it checks memberlist.inactive if this user is on the pre registration list and at what time he/she registered.
If he/she is on the list and the time between registration and activation is less then the default set 24 hours the following happens:

- the <userid>.pre file is renamed to <userid>.vars
- the preregistration data is removed from memberlist.inactive
- the member info is entered in memberlist.txt
- the memberlist.ttl is increased by 1.

With FTP you should be able to monitor this completely and find out where it goes wrong. (most likely the memberlist.inactive file has the wrong chmods and does not get editted on pre registration
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Captain John

Re: Understanding User registration
Reply #1 - Jan 18th, 2009 at 4:49pm
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Y2.2 and above

files in ./Members folder:
*.pre = User need validate his/her Registration by clicking Link in received Email
memberlist.inactive = list of users pre-registered
*.wait = Need Approve/Reject by Admins (after user has validated)
memberlist.approve = A List of users that need Approve/Reject

Pre-registration with Email membership activation
- username.pre file wrote and is listed in memberlist.inactive

after user validates username.pre change to username.vars and username.pre removed from memberlist.inactive

Pre-registration with admin membership approval
- username.pre file and listed in memberlist.inactive, until user has validated, it changes to username.wait and is listed in memberlist.approve

after admin approves, username.wait changes to username.vars and username.wait is removed from memberlist.approve

NOTE:  users who never validated (username.pre and memberlist.inactive files in ./Members folder), copied to a New install (upgrade) will not process properly in a new forum.  They should be deleted manually in order to clear New Member notifications to the Admin and from the Admin Center >Registration log.

./Members folder must be CHMOD 755 and files within the folder should be set as CHMOD 666 to allow reading/writing of files.
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Captain John

Re: Understanding User registration
Reply #2 - Sep 3rd, 2010 at 10:42pm
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YaBB 2.5

Registration with Email Activation and Admin Approval
TestReg registers on Forum

Admin Center Registration log
Date and Time        Status       Pre-registered UserID       Action
Today at 5:35pm      Not Validated       TestReg             Instant Delete
                               IP:                   View Profile and Decide
                                                                              Instant Validate

Clicking on View Profile and Decide
Registration UserID:      TestReg
Chosen screen name:      Register
Not validated email address:
Chosen language:      English
Coming from IP address:
Given reason for registering:      Testing Registration for all.

Registration.log =  1283549745|N|TestReg||
Memberlist.inactive =  1283549745|TcMdjjl67G5JlpIUenO9|TestReg|yahooer||

TestReg.pre =  ### User variables for ID: TestReg ###
'regdate',"09/03/10 at 17:35:45"
'regreason',"Testing Registration for all."
'usertext',"I Love YaBB 2.4!"
'template',"code silver"
'timeformat',"MM D+ YYYY @ HH:mm:ss*"

Email w/Activation link sent to Test Reg
After Activation:

Date and Time                   Status            Pre-registered UserID          Action
Today at 5:54pm      Awaiting approval after        TestReg              Instant Reject
                           validation by Captain John          IP:     View Profile and Decide
                                                                                                 Instant Approve
Today at 5:35pm                Not Validated
                                         IP:                 TestReg

TestReg.pre renamed TestReg.wait
TestReg.msg created = 128355085527087|admin|TestReg|||Hey Hey Smiley|1283550855|Welcome to my boards|128355085527087|0||s|u||
Registration.log =
Memberlist.inactive = 0 (zeroed)
Memberlist.approve (created) =

After Admin Approval

Date and Time        Status       Pre-registered UserID       Action
Today at 6:16pm      Approved by        TestReg (Register)
                               Captain John          IP:

TestReg.wait renamed TestReg.vars
Memberlist.approve = 0 (zeroed)
Members.ttl file = 9|TestReg
Memberslist.txt = (added to bottom)
TestReg  1283560545
Memberinfo.txt = (added to list)
TestReg  Register||YaBB Newbies|0|

Email "Registration Approval" sent to TestReg
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Captain John

Re: Understanding User registration
Reply #3 - Aug 23rd, 2011 at 11:04pm
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Now any registration type requiring email .. can be lost by your email client ...
  It is known email is treated by email providers differently .. Some break an html URL link and will not allow clicking on to work correctly ...
  If the link is copied and pasted in the browser url window it will then work.
Some email clients (Yahoo) will place email received in Junk mail if the email contains an url.
  Some will Automatically delete the Junk mail containing URL links, depending on the Email setup.
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