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Video Tutorial - How to Make a User Into a Global Moderator (Read 208 times)
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Video Tutorial - How to Make a User Into a Global Moderator
Jul 30th, 2008 at 6:44am
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Please read before watching the video tutorial

Note: This tutorial demonstrates how to promote a user to the position of Global Moderator.  Global Moderators have moderator powers in all boards, as opposed to Moderators, who only have moderator powers in whatever boards you assign them to.

This tutorial picks up where the How to Make a User Into a Moderator tutorial leaves off.  The user we will promote, Great Dane, is already a Moderator for Board Number 4 only.  In this tutorial, we will look at Great Dane's posts in both Board Number 4 and 5 to illustrate how the Global Moderator position differs from Moderator.

The video starts in Board Number 4 where you see Great Dane is a moderator of that board.  Then we go to another of his posts in Board Number 5 and see Great Dane is a normal user in that board.

To make him a Global Moderator, we will click on his display name and that will take us to his Profile screen.  At the top right of the screen is a "Modify" button, which we will click on to edit Great Dane's profile.  After entering the Admin password, we click on the Admin Edits link to go to that page of Great Dane's profile.

In the Position box, we see Great Dane's current member group, Big Dogs.  We go to that same box and select Global Moderator and scroll down to click on the Save button.  That's all there is to it!

To show the effect of the changes we made, we go back to the main page (the Board Index) then into Board Number 4 and Board Number 5 to look at the same two posts we saw at the beginning of the tutorial.  We will see Great Dane is listed as Global Moderator in both boards.  In fact, Great Dane will appear that way in every board.  That's the global aspect of the Global Moderator position.

How to Make a User Into a Global Moderator Tutorial
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