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IIs Setup (Read 8878 times)
Captain John

IIs Setup
Aug 1st, 2008 at 10:42pm
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Microsoft IIS
IIS is a windows-based server, and uses two different types of permissions simultaneously, both IIS(Webserver) permissions and NTFS(Filesystem) permissions. Both must be configured properly for the forum to work, but the important settings for over-the-web security is the IIS permissions. The catch with IIS is that most hosts doesn't let you control these permissions. Some hosts let you control one of them, but rarely both, and often you can't control any of them yourself.
If you manage this server yourself, you can set the IIS permissions using the Internet Services Manager, while the NTFS permissions are usually set using Windows Explorer (Right click on file/directory -> properties -> Security tab). Note that IIS automatically creates a user named IUSR_servername when it is installed (servername being the actual name of the computer it is installed on.) It is to this user you need to grant NTFS rights. This user can be changed in the Internet Services Manager, so if unsure, you can check there exactly what the username of the anonymous internet user is. Unlike the NTFS rights, The IIS rights are not user-based.
Note that for Windows XP users, you need to turn off the option 'Simple File Sharing' to get proper access to the NTFS permissions. This option is found in the 'Folder Options' control panel applet.

The permissions required to run a secured YaBB on an IIS server is as follows:

IIS/Webserver permissions: (Use the Internet Service Manager to manage These)
yabb - read, script execute, No list directory contents
Sources/Members/Messages/Boards/Variables - No Read, No Write, No execute, No list directory contents

NTFS/Filesystem Permissions (Granted to the user IUSR_servername, use windows explorer to manage these, right click on the file/directory -> Properties -> Security Tab):
yabb - Read & Execute
Sources - Read & Execute
Members/Messages/Boards/Variables - Modify
Files: - Modify

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Captain John

NTFS vs. CHMODs (Property/Permissions)
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