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Video Tutorial - How to Change the Forum Default Template/User's Template Preference (Read 217 times)
OH Eng

Video Tutorial - How to Change the Forum Default Template/User's Template Preference
Aug 2nd, 2008 at 6:00pm
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Please read before watching the video.     Big file, takes a moment to load.

NOTE: This video will demonstrate how to change the default template for your forum.  The default template is that template which is seen by Guests, and is the template that gets written into a user's preferences when they register as a member of your forum.

It's important to understand that once this template preference is set by the registration process, the only way to change it is to edit it in the user's Profile in the Options section.  This means if you add a new template or change the default template, no current members will see that change until they update their profile options.

The tutorial will start on the main forum page (the Board Index) with the Administrator NOT logged in (a Guest).  The default template is set to the default blue template that comes with the forum software, so that is what Guests see.  Then the Admin logs in, and we notice the template doesn't change.  The reason is the Administator's template preference (in his profile options) is also set to the default blue scheme.  

So first, we will go to the Admin Center/Forum Configuration/Forum Settings and change the default template for the forum.  We will change it to Black.  Save changes, and return to the main page of the forum (the Board Index).  Notice nothing changes... because the Admin's template preference is still set to the default blue.  But it WILL change for Guests and anyone who registers after this change is made.  We can see what a Guest will see by simply logging out of the forum.

When logged out, the Admin is now a Guest and sees the Black template.  So we have confirmed the Forum Default Template setting has indeed changed.  Now we log back in and note that the Admin's template preference takes effect again, so the template goes back to the default blue scheme.

To change the personal template preference, the Admin goes to the User CP tab and then selects the Profile tab.  We want to edit the profile Options, so we select that in the list on the left side of the User CP.  We must enter a password to confirm we are authorized to edit profile information.  Scrolling down to the option "Which Template would you like to use?" we select Black from the list of available templates, then save changes.

Now we return to the Board Index and note the Admin is now seeing the template that matches his personal setting in his profile options.  This is the same edit that any user can do in their own profile, using their own password, to select from the available templates.

How to Change the Forum Default Template and the User's Template Preference Tutorial
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