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Understanding Template/CSS marriage (Read 3977 times)
Captain John

Understanding Template/CSS marriage
Aug 27th, 2008 at 2:43am
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Style sheets are just saved as stylesheetname.css files in the yabbfiles/Templates/Forum folder, and the Style Sheet editor just reads the name of all .css files present.  It does allow deleting them.

Templates on the other hand are not saved as files, but as data IN the Variables/template.cfg file.

This is the line entry in template.cfg for the Forum default template:

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$templateset{'Forum default'} = "default|default|default|default|default|default|default|"; 

So the line contains the Template name, then the first (highlighted) entry is the name of the style sheet, in this case default.css.

Going left to right from there, you have the folder names containing the Images, header, BoardIndex.template, MessageIndex.template file, Display.template file, and MyCenter.template file.

Together, all of those comprise a "template name," or the name that you select in Template drop down windows, in Admin Center and Profile.
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Captain John

Re: Understanding Template/CSS marriage Y2.4
Reply #1 - Apr 27th, 2010 at 5:08pm
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In Y2.4 the template.cfg file is no longer created.  The configuration is placed inside

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%templateset = (
'Old YaBB 2.1 style' => "yabb21|yabb21|yabb21|yabb21|yabb21|yabb21|yabb21|",
'sidebar' => "sidebar|sidebar|sidebar|sidebar|sidebar|sidebar|sidebar|2",
'fire_n_ice' => "fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|fire_n_ice|2",
'Forum default' => "default|default|default|default|default|default|default|2",
'midnyte' => "midnyte|midnyte|midnyte|midnyte|midnyte|midnyte|midnyte|2",
);                                                # Forum templates settings 

   With the above, this allows a member to "select" any of the above as their default template in their profile.
    To allow only one Template selection, there only needs to be one Template, delete all others.  Doing this disables a choice in members profile, displays one template to Guests and members logged in.
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