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[Info] Setting Up a Home based Server (Read 155 times)
Captain John

[Info] Setting Up a Home based Server
Nov 12th, 2008 at 12:36am
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In all truth, unless you have your own personal T1 running to your house, any old damned PC from a PII with a respectable amount of RAM and HD Size will do it. Here, garbage tech goes- any PC you find in the trash that you fix up will do you good. I would say- start with a PIII with 512Megs of RAM and a 20Gig HD. More is better, but you dont have to spend $thousands on a new system for a server.

Since you are running this as a server, you will not need fancy items like a DUAL LAYER DVD Burner, A Video Card with more memory in it than the rest of the machine, or fancy lights that light up the inside of the case. You just need a simple white box, with the motherboard, a decent power supply (350 Watts), a CD-RW Burner (for backing up the site), RAM (512M would be good), HD (20GB is fine), keyboard & mouse. Just the basics.

As argued many times before, you want to run a server for you forum, use a server OS. Running XP or Vista with XAMPP, WAMP, Indigo Perl, etc. does not make your machine a server. Just because you can run server programs on your XP/Vista Box does not mean that you should. XP/Vista does not provide the HACKER Protection that Win 2K/2K3/2K8/etc. has. YaBB is secure within itself, meaning that no one is going to hack into your machine through YaBB. BUT if your server OS is weak (as in using XP/Vista), then hackers can break into your system with ease and undermine your forum and website from within, and you will be sitting there angry that somebody broke into your forum and did it wrong. Furthermore, you will be wrongfully blame YaBB for not being secure enough. Again, YaBB in and of itself it secure and no one will be able to break in through it, it is your OS that has the security issues and not YaBB. What Good is having a Bullet Proof Steel Front Door on your house if the burgulars crawled in through the doggie door?

We can argue which is better: Linux/Unix or Windows? Linux/Unix is more secure. But for ease of use, Windows wins. Again, use the server version of Windows...

Now the hard part.

You want Apache?
With Windows, it comes in many flavors. Some users here are professing that they have used WAMP and XAMPP. All swear that there is a problem with it because it does not run YaBB (especially under WAMP).

The problem is this- YaBB runs under Perl. WAMP does not have Perl in it, so it has to be installed separately. This is also true if you downloaded Apache from the apache website. has a free Perl you can download, and as JonB asked about, there is a version called Strawberry Perl that can also be used for Windows. If you want an Apache with a built in Perl, you can use XAMPP (which some users reported that it works fine for them and others have problems with it), or IndigoPerl (which has Apache built in, and I have used in the past with little problems- just a lot of learning).

Once you have your windows server running with Apache and Perl AND it tests fine,
be sure you have edited,, in the yabb2 folder for the proper Path to Perl also Admin/ and Sources/ if installing Y2.3.x
then you can upload YaBB into it, do the needed editing and permissions thing (JonB has a document explaining how its done). After you get YaBB running, connect it to your home network, get your domain name (since your IP may not be a static IP, use DynIP, as in the above post), set up your machine and home router to connect it to the net, and with a lot of work on this part, you will have your server on the internets, running YaBB!

Of course, in the last step, you may have to change your a few times to get it right, especially the url of the site, as that will change as you build it and get your DNS in order.

You are also going to need a mail server. JonB knows of a good one. I think its name is hMailServe or something like that. This will add eMail function to the Window Server (dont use the one that comes with the Windows Server- that monster is difficult to set up, and even worse to connect to YaBB).

Word of advise- plan everything first, and go about it step by step.

Good luck.


  Note:  A Common Problem with Access
the reason some people require files or directories to be permitted 777 is the web server is running as some other user that doesn't have access - for example I had the cook.txt problem until I realized my web server is running as 'http' and I owned the directories permitted 755.  Now everything is owned by 'http'.

contributed by jpl166

Edited by JonB 27 June 2009 - to remove references to CHMOD on Windows - it does not exist. The Windows OS uses NTFS permissions and, in the case of IIS 5 & 6 servers, IIS permissions set in the IIS Management Console.
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