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Captain John

YaBB Moderator
Dec 31st, 2008 at 5:46pm
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  YaBB Moderator is not real a membergroup. Its display only in boards where you have it set in Edit Boards.
   The only reason YaBB Moderator is shown in Membergroups is it allows selecting Moderators Color/Stars is to display in Posts in Boards where user has Moderator status.

Do NOT add Administrator, Admin or Global Moderator to the Moderator window on the boards edit window.

   Anyone with these titles has the power (and rank) of a Moderator anywhere in the Forum, without specifying their display names or titles on the board configuration page
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OH Eng

Video Tutorial - How to Make a User Into a Moderator
Reply #1 - Jul 29th, 2008 at 1:28am
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Please read before watching the video.

NOTE: This video will demonstrate how to make a user a Moderator of one board.  Moderator is Board Position, meaning they only have the Moderator privileges in whatever board(s) you assign them to.  This differs from the global position of Global Moderator; they have Moderator privileges in every board.  If you want a user to have Moderator privileges in more than one board, just repeat this process for whatever boards you want them to Moderate. 

Remember, you can edit more than one board at a time in the Admin Center.

The tutorial will start on the main forum page (the Board Index) with the Administrator logged in.  The user we are going to promote is called Great Dane, who is a member of the Big Dogs member group.  That member group has a blue title color, and 3 blue stars associated with it.  We can see these when we click on Board Number 4, then click on the topic "Test Post to Demonstrate Making a Moderator." 

Notice Great Dane's display name is in blue, his title is "Big Dogs," and he has 3 small blue stars.  Now let's make Great Dane a Moderator but only for Board Number 4. 

Here's the procedure - we first click on the Admin tab on the main menu to get to the Admin Center.  Then we will go to the Forum Controls and click on Boards to get to the Manage Boards screen. 

We check the box to the right of Board Number 4, then click the GO button to edit Board Number 4.  Under the word "Moderators:" we click on the link to add a Moderator.  In the pop-up window that appears, I select Great Dane, then click on the Add button and close the pop-up window.  Notice Great Dane's name now appears in the box to the right of the word "Moderators:"  Scroll down to click on Save and we're done.

To check our work, we go back to the Board Index and click on Board Number 4, and look again at that post we viewed at the start.  Notice Great Dane's title is now Moderator (in green) and  there are 4 large green stars.  Then we can go to Board Number 5 and look at a similar post by Great Dane and notice he is NOT a Moderator in Board Number 5. 

Moderators will only have Moderator powers in the boards you assign them to.

How to Make a User Into a Moderator Tutorial

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Captain John

MemberGroups / Moderators
Reply #2 - Dec 23rd, 2007 at 12:20am
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I Can't Find Where To Select The Moderator Group For One Of My Members

Within YaBB, the position of Moderator is a Board-level title.  It is not a global or "whole-forum" position like the Admin and Global Moderator positions.  This means when you make someone a Moderator, they are Moderators for that (those) Board(s) ONLY. 

There are two ways you can promote one of your users to the position of "Moderator".

First, you can go to the Admin Center -> Forum Controls -> Boards.  Check all the Boards you want this user to moderate, click the radio button next to the words "With Selected" for EDIT, then click on the 'Go' button.  This will take you to the Edit Boards screen.  The fourth item down from the top is a section labeled "Moderators:" 

In YaBB version 2.1:  In the textbox to the right of the word "Moderators:" you can enter the User Names of each Member that you want to promote to Moderator.  If you want to enter more than one Member as Moderator, place a comma (,) in between each User Name (username1, username2, etc.).  Do this for each Board in the list, then click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit Boards screen.

In YaBB version 2.2: Click on the linked text below the word "Moderators" and a Member List will pop up.  Click once on the name of  the Member you wish to promote (hold down your Control key/Apple key while clicking to select more than one).  Click on the Add Selected button and the names will appear in the "Moderators:" box.  Double-click on any name in that textbox to remove it.  Do this for each Board in the list then click on the Save button at the bottom of the Edit Boards screen.

Those Members will now be able to moderate those boards.
Note that their Moderator position title will only display in Boards they are assigned to moderate, and will not show up in other Boards.

The second method involves creating one or more Post-Independent Member Groups and setting up your Boards so that any Member placed into that (those) Member Group(s) automatically gains Moderator privileges. 

To do this, go to the Admin Center -> Member Controls -> Member Groups.  Next to the words "Post-Independent Member Groups," click on the link that says, "Add Group."  Fill in all of the appropriate information, be sure the radio button for "Post-Independent Member Group" is filled in, then click on the Save button.

Then, go to the Admin Center -> Forum Controls ->Boards.  Check all the Boards you want members of this Member Group to moderate, click the radio button next to the words "With Selected" for EDIT, then click on the 'Go' button.  This will take you to the Edit Boards screen. The fifth item down from the top is a section labeled "Member Group Moderators," and next to that is a selection box where you can choose which Groups you want to moderate that Board.  Select the Member Group you created in the above steps.

From that point, any Member you add to that Member Group will be able to moderate any boards that particular Member Group is set up to moderate.  You can see the advantages of this second method if you have many different Boards and wish to assign Moderators to more than one Board at a time.

How Do I Add Members To A Member Group?

Visit the Member's Profile by either clicking on the profile button within one of their posts or by clicking on their User Name anywhere in the forum.  This will bring you to their Profile Summary Page.  Click on the "Modify" button in the top right corner on that page.  Enter your password, and click Go, then click on Admin Edits.  You can add the Member to a Member Group in two different areas.

First, you will see a drop-down selection box labeled "Position."  This is the main Member Group of the Member.  This is the first Member Group (and possibly the only, depending on your forum settings) that will display in all of that User's posts.  This is the Member Group that determines how many stars and what type of stars display underneath the User's displayed name.  Select only one Group in this box.

Just below that, you will see a list box labeled Member Groups. You can assign a User to any or all of these Member Groups.  For each Member Group you choose in this box, the User will inherit whatever permissions you have assigned to those Groups.

How Do I De-Select Everything In A Listbox?

In order to de-select all options within a list or selection box, you need to first select a single item within that box.  Then, hold down the Ctrl key (or the Apple key if you are using a Macintosh) on your keyboard while clicking on that same item again.  This will un-highlight (de-select) the item.

Edited to correct spelling, add bold/colors, and correct for differences in YaBB versions.   OHE   Jan 12th, 2008 at 6:20pm
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