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[INFO] Upgrading to Y2.3.1 (Read 3695 times)
Captain John

[INFO] Upgrading to Y2.3.1
Jan 10th, 2009 at 4:17pm
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Special Note:  If upgrading from any other version of YaBB other than Y2.3 Please follow these instructions.

  Make a BACKup of ./Boards, ./Members, ./Messages and ./Variables folders !!!  Always recommended !
     And if you enabled Attachments on your Old Forum, backup the yabbfiles/Attachments folder

Before uploading YaBB software to any server .... be sure you have edited,, in the yabb2 folder for the proper Path to Perl also Admin/ and Sources/ if installing Y2.3.x

Generally, the default is correct on most Linux/*nix systems ( On a Linux host, the path is usually #!/usr/bin/perl), but Perl can be installed in different locations. For example on a Windows or WinNT host, your Perl path should probably be set to #!C:/Perl/Bin/Perl.exe. Check with your host or check your server for the proper path and change the file path accordingly in each of the files.
 NOTE: To avoid problems .. when copying the old yabb2/Variables files to the New Installation ... Do NOT copy, the *.help files, nor the *.def files.

In user profile, avatars, signatures and URL links have to be verified and reSaved by members.

In The Admin Center.. admins will have to set Quick Post/Reply colors (whether or not they enable it) and set Images pixels (0 causes problems), to a reasonable value.

Now for them that have already went thru this with Y2.3 ... Y2.3.1 should be easy !
But you too are encouraged to View and Verify EVERY Setting in the Admin Center, Forum and Advanced Settings, Saving, even if not making any changes.
You will have to Setup and enter defaults for the New Password Strength Meter.
        Scores ... enter the defaults, or a combination you prefer. (Strongly suggest using the default, then and only then after using, editing if you desire a different Strength Setting.
        Common Words ... if not blocking anything for a password, enter ""
              Note: Some Admins might prefer users not being able to enter 123. abc, pwd, password, etc. for passwords, you must place between quotes any Common word to block.
        Minimum Characters ... enter for example 3 ... this Only effects New Registrants and as example, requires users entering at least 3 characters to be accepted as a password
Also a New Feature
          Show "Last online X days and XX:XX:XX hours ago." to all members?
If disabled only Admins and Gmods can read this in the linktitle of the usernames.

In the "Admin Center" => "Maintenance Controls" and run the "Rebuild Notifications Files" first!


If you did allow users to get Email notification on new "Notifications" or new "PM" before you updated, you will have to set these settings again as new in your "Profile" => "Options" and "PM Preferences". If no other users logged in before you ran the "Rebuild Notifications Files" maintenance function, you (the Admin) will be the only one who has to reset these as new settings.

      ALL Users are strongly Recommended to run the Maintenance Functions in Admin Center, from Top Down after Upgrading.

Anyone Upgrading to Y2.3.1, should replace ALL the Templates and update the default.html AND default,css.  See this Post in the YaBB Codex
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