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[Info] Setting Up a Home based Server "Mail" (Read 215 times)
Captain John

[Info] Setting Up a Home based Server "Mail"
Jan 13th, 2009 at 5:23pm
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Mail ..........

for ppl with the same prob as i had my system and how i got it working

my OS: Windows xp pro sp3
my server: apache v2.2.9-win32-x86

from i downloaded fake sendmail for windows and
unzip to C:\usr\lib\ and unzip to same places
then goto C:\usr\lib and open sendmail.ini in notepad where it said

; if your smtp server uses pop3 before smtp authentication, modify the
; following three lines.  do not enable unless it is required.


left as it was but filled in the rest with what was needed
opened cmd to test sendmail an this is what was in the test

REM send email from command line via SMTP with sendmail

ECHO From: put your Email addrees here > %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO To: put the sending to Email addrees here  >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO Subject: this is a test >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO.>> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO testing. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO blah blah.. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO blah. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail

C:\usr\lib\sendmail -t < %TEMP%\temp.mail
DEL %TEMP%\temp.mail

then check my Email to see if it had reached it properly
yes it was in the inbox

Go into  YaBB 2.3.1  advanced settings then in the Email tab

Send Emails using set as  Unix/Linux Sendmail
Location of Sendmail Program set as C:\usr\lib\sendmail.exe -t
SMTP-Server set as
Select SMTP Server Authorization Type set to LOGIN
rest of the settings set then sent a test Email from  YaBB 2.3.1

contributed by xnoddyx
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Captain John

HMail Server
Reply #1 - Aug 18th, 2008 at 1:01pm
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Used on Personal Servers:

Two things first - the Yabb SMTP Engine is a 'preparer' (the best description I have) not a mailserver.  In an Apache install, you would be using 'sendmail' which is an MUA (built-in client SMTP bootstrap). So you are using Hmail to provide an SMTP server you can configure (its BOTH the bootstrap and the server as its on YOUR physical server.) - and the Yabb engine is going to pass that outbound forum generated e-mail to Hmail.

NOW - the answer is basically - you want to use YOUR OWN SMTP server (that was the whole point, lol)

I know you will have done some of these things - but I need to articulate the whole mess so I don't miss steps.

First - DNS stuff - This needs to be done with your registrar, ISP, DNS service or whomever handled the assigning of the Static IP to your server - The identity of that entity is gleaned from your DNS pointers and your Registrar's nameserver settings for the domain...

A. you'll need to setup a 'A' record for your mailserver -

the ip will be the IP of your server.

Your server's going to use ports 25 and 110 to talk to other MTA's for SMTP and POP.  (and that's why you stop the built in SMTP service, don't want two services talking/listening on the same ports)  YES - you could in theory run both servers on different ports, but one would not do well with the 'outside world' - bad idea.


B. an 'MX" record

'A' recordname server '' handles mail first for domain ''.

Depending on 'who and how' that is done in this step there may be propogation time needed on any DNS changes.

THEN in Yabb Admin Center Email Advanced -

you will set the STMP engine to be the 'Yabb SMTP Engine', 

Leave the 'location of sendmail program' blank - you don't have one.

the SMTP server will be '',

SMTP Authentication type to be 'login' 

You will supply the Admin account name at your domain in Hmail, and the Admin password.


As I recall I learned some things about SMTP forwarding and how public mailers handle spam detection. The Yabb Webmaster's e-mail address being in the same domain as the forum will improve chances of delivery on serives like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.  We have had mixed results delivering to anonymous mail services, lots of unexplained non-deliveries. i.e. the SMTP log shows it handed off to Yahoo or whatever but it never shows up.

The anti-SPAM engines are all tuned to look for spoofed SMTP relays. When you keep it all in the family 'e-mail from' 'by way of smtp/' and hand that package off to the recipient domain, the delivery rates go up and its much less likely to be flagged as spam.

I spent a bunch of time 'puttering' around with stuff to get it all to work, LOL

There's other twiddle stuff to be done - but its really Hmail and not Yabb. They are nice folks over there too - of course their forum is about the intricacies of Hmail, not its integration with Yabb.

the 'top' and 'bottom' here are, AFIAK, mutually exclusive solutions...

THERE is an exception to this - IF you get your email @ bigsky - and the webmaster email address is to be a bigsky addy, you might be able to use their server.  You'll need to call/chat with/email their suport folks and see if they allow this kind of forwarding and the correct setup to authenticate with their SMTP server.   Yabb handles most methods. I could be wrong but I don't think TLS works for some good reason, thus you can't use Gmail's Open SMTP relay (I think you have to be autenciated with them (i.e. logged in to Google)) - In this area you are totally reliant on your ISP to give you the right info/help you.  And you will need a local MTA (on aka localhost)  I understand from Elfen that Indigomail will do this. Its a windows replacement for sendmail. Bad news - not a freebie.  I have NOT tested this, but in theory - it 'ought to work'.  I already had HMail and had it working, so I adapted that to this task.

Realize this will be a relay if the domain name of the originator is not the same as the SMTP forwarder/agent. This is AFAIK

submitted by JonB
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