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Version 2.4 Revisions to Quick Start Guide (Read 4473 times)

Version 2.4 Revisions to Quick Start Guide
Jun 27th, 2009 at 6:03pm
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Version 2.4 Quick Start Guide Updates

Be sure to check these two threads on YaBB Forum

Maintenance Mode on New Forum - potential data loss
  Quick-Guide has been updated and IS included in Installation zip.

The placeholder.txt files are only needed to keep the CVS folders alive (in the development repository on sourceforge). They are not needed for the program to work. But the folders where these files were in are needed!
If you download the zip you will find this folders empty. This is OK and must be so on your server too.

To be added to Quick-Guide on next release (Y2.5)
After the Y2.4 install and after the moving of the old files from a previous version (while the New forum is still in Maintenance mode):
   Note: doing ANY upgrade, it is very important to change the install date in the Admin Center > Forum Settings to a date and time "before" the older forums oldest member registration (usually the admin).
  Be sure to run the Maintenance functions (from top to bottom), after date/time has been corrected.
    If not done, Search will not function and the possibility is of ex-members being generated.
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