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406 or 501 error Users cannot Open PM's in YaBB 2.4 (Read 3820 times)

406 or 501 error Users cannot Open PM's in YaBB 2.4
Sep 30th, 2009 at 2:37pm
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The symptoms are:

Users find they cannot open PM's and get a Server Error - usually like this:

GET to /cgi-bin/ not supported.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

You may have made NO changes to your YaBB settings to have this occur. It can also occur when you move to a new host.  The new host may be using different settings on mod_security.

The issue is likely a tightening of security by the ISP/Webhost.

There are two equally good approaches -

A. - Check with your webhost and see if 'they' can fix this for you, usually possible with some encouragement.

B. - Deti has written a workaround for the issue:

Edit the ./Sources/ file and search for this:

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# Start workaround to substitute all ';' by '&' in all URLs
# This workaround solves problems with servers that use mod_security
# in a very strict way. (error 406)
# Take the comments out of the following two lines if you had this problem.
# $output =~ s/($scripturl\?)([^'"]+)/ $1 . &URL_modify($2) /eg;
# sub URL_modify { my $x = shift; $x =~ s/;/&/g; $x; }
# End of workaround
if ($yycopyin == 0) {

Remove the highlighted characters. Then save the file back on your server. 
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