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Enable Notifications (Read 5727 times)
Captain John

Enable Notifications
Feb 9th, 2010 at 7:26pm
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in Y2.4 ...
Admin Center > Advanced Settings - Email Tab

enabled ?
Settings for New Member Notifications E-Mail
Notification E-Mail for new member?
If checked a notification concerning the registration of a new member will be sent to your E-Mail address.      
Notification E-Mail address:
If nothing is written here, the mail will be sent to:

Admin Center > Forum Settings - Members Tab

enabled ?
Allow to send email notification for boards/threads listed in 'My Notifications' when a new comes in?
Allow member's new board and post notifications to appear at the top of each page, and permit popups for these new notifications on the Board Index (based on the member's individual settings)?

In "each" members User CP, under Profile

enabled ?
Post and Board Notifications:
Notify me of new Notifications by eMail?
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