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Understanding Allowing Image Post (Read 10932 times)
Captain John

Understanding Allowing Image Post
Jul 17th, 2011 at 7:43pm
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Admin Options for setting Allowing Image posting and viewing:

Forum Settings -
General tab
If checked, embedded images within posts will appear in quotes of those posts.
If disabled, images in quoted posts will be shown as links to the images.    "Optional"

Posting tab
Auto-link URLs? "Checked"

Advanced Settings
 File Attachments tab
Attachments Dir:
Change this setting in Path Settings
Attachments directory exists and has correct permissions?      Yes  "Must state YES"
Number of file attachments allowed in Posts:  "must be at least 1"
Allow Guests to upload Attachments?      "optional"
Display Picture Attachments in Posts?   "must be checked"

Images tab
 Recommend .. Do NOT check Disable Smart Resize option
 Recommend .. Do Set a reasonable viewing size for Images.
 Recommend .. Enable Greybox option ..

Note: Any Board you setup to allow images Must have:
Allow attachments?  "Checked"

Forum User option to Post images
When Posting a message ... a window opens up and you can enter the text of your post.  You can (If allowed by the forum Admin, see above) either click on Image Tag (the 3rd button on the top row, under the message subject line) then place an URL to the image you want included in the message Or (if allowed, see above) Upload an image by clicking on the Attachments window Browse button directly under the Smilies below the text box.
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