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What Is YaBB Toolbar?
Sep 27th, 2007 at 8:30pm
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What is YaBB Toolbar?  Simply put... it is a toolbar for your web browser.  It installs and works in your browser very similar to the popular Google and Yahoo! toolbars.  The difference is the YaBB Toolbar is designed specifically for you... a member of the YaBB community!

Whether you are a developer, moderator, support tech, or the admin of your own forum... YaBB Toolbar is jam packed with the best of YaBB and so much more to help you find what you're looking for.

Here is some of YaBB Toolbar's features:
  • Built-in searches powered by Google!
  • Custom searches for YaBB community sites.
  • Search word highlighting.
  • Quick menu links to YaBB, BoardMod, and other community sites.
  • Links to safety & security services and software to help protect your PC.
  • A tools menu filled with resources, software, and tutorials to help you build, maintain, & tweak your site and forum.
  • RSS news feeds to stay up to date not only on the latest YaBB related news... but also technology & web building sites.
  • A built-in spell checker that works in any web form element, including forums without spell checking!
  • There are also optional buttons, components, and gadgets so you can customize your toolbar to your needs.
  • And so much more.
The toolbar is ad free, malware & spyware free, and it's just plain... free!

Give YaBB Toolbar a try!  It installs on Windows Vista, XP & 2000 for Internet Explorer.  And is a Mozilla Firefox extension on any operating system that can run Firefox (Linux, Macintosh, & Windows)!

Enjoy. Wink

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