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Normal Topic Help merging two forums. (Read 105 times)
Michael Amigliore
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Help merging two forums.
Oct 13th, 2007 at 6:36am
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Old forum trying to merge with current one:
Invision Power Board v1.3.x

Conversion Path:
Database converted to phpBB2 via
100% Success.

phpBB2 converted to YaBB v2.1 via
Partial success.

Info: 270 of the ~3040 posts are converted, all categories are converted, only threads with posts that got converted gets converted, after merger everything is replaced by converted items.

Now my question:

Is there a way to merge the old forum with the new forum with out the older forum eradicating the current forum? Also getting full conversion of the posts.

Both forums have same categories in the same arrangement, and have the same category ID.

I tried just simply copying just the posts, but that only creates a blank forum.

I would write a script to handle post conversion to rewrite all the posts to be current forum friendly if I only know how the posts are saved and what is what. Or at least try anyhow.

Here is what I get when reading the posts
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Welcome|mike||1192251323|mike|xx|||Welcome to your new Invision Power Board!<br />This is simply a test message confirming that the installation was successful.<br />You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time.|1|||

How can I read these two and be able to tell what is what?

Michael Amigliore
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