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Normal Topic Admin or poll creator pre-sets pie graph (Read 1,448 times)
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Admin or poll creator pre-sets pie graph
Feb 1st, 2009 at 4:15am
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Right now, we have those neat pie graphs available for polls, but you have to first load the poll the regular way, and then, while viewing the poll, click to see it as a pie graph.

What I wonder about is the fact that it is hard coded to the bar graphs first.

The three other possible options I see are:

1) Admin sets preference in admin center for which version is forum default.

2) Poll creator can choose to override default while setting up poll.

3) User profile setting can override both of above for individual user.

In all three cases, the little buttons are still shown to allow you to change to see the other version while actually viewing the poll.


I just think the pie charts are cool, and would get more use if they could be set as the default, if one so desired.

And of course, any poll which allowed multiple selections would probably have to default to line graphs.
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