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Subject Prefixes
Mar 5th, 2009 at 10:40pm
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I came across this following the Hockey Trade Deadline and thought this would be really useful for a lot of Forums...

Basically it's color coded subject prefixes. You create the prefixes in the admin panel probably something similar to setting up Groups (name and colors) and the save them and then when you goto Post a message you can choose a subject prefix.

Below are screenshots in case my text description sucks Grin

The first one is starting a Topic and the 2nd shot is the listing of topics/threads on the board. You can see the ones in color like "GDT" or "News Report" are the Subject Prefixes chosen. The use of colors really helps things stick out and a ton of Forums could utilize this...

subjectprefix1.jpg (Attachment deleted)
subjectprefix2.jpg (Attachment deleted)
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