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Normal Topic Ability to add more topic icons (Read 1,000 times)
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Ability to add more topic icons
Apr 22nd, 2009 at 1:16am
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Both Add More Smilies and Add More Message Icons started out as mods in YaBB Gold ... Add More Smilies got added to the main package, but Add More Message Icons never did.

The two features are extremely similar, and if somebody were to try and add an ability to add new message icons to the Admin Center, much of the code for Add More Smilies could probably be used directly ... just with some tweaking (especially around the security areas).

I cannot create the kind of fully automatic mods that Shoeb and Jason did, but I do have a kind of do-it-yourself mod on Boardmod at which shows some of the kind of work needed. (There was an odd step involving Sources/ that was unexpected, and is the part that seems to throw everybody when they first try to do this on their own.)

If this doesn't happen, I will not lose any sleep over it, but it seems like it would be a nice feature for the basic package that would complement and blend very well with Add More Smilies.
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