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Normal Topic Backward Compatibility Consideration (Read 958 times)
George Maschke
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Backward Compatibility Consideration
May 25th, 2009 at 4:56pm
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A few years ago, I helped to beta test 2.0. As I recall, back then, some programming changes caused problems for YaBB message boards with older posts. These issues were ultimately fixed, but there might be a danger of such problems being inadvertently re-introduced with 3.0, so I'd like to bring them up for discussion.

The problems arose from YaBB's assumption that the message thread number is a 10-digit Unix time stamp. That's the case now, but it hasn't always been so. When YaBB was first introduced, messages thread numbers began with 1 and were incremented by 1 with each new thread. For example, here are the first two threads posted on my forum (back in 2000!):

Later on, the numbering system was changed, with threads being assigned a 9-digit number beginning with "9". See, for example:

It would be great if version 3.0 could be designed with this backward compatibility consideration in mind.

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