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Locked Topic [Info] YaBB Bug Fixes Board (Read 4,032 times)
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[Info] YaBB Bug Fixes Board
Jun 6th, 2009 at 8:03pm
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This board contains the "Beta" Bug Fixes and Features that are intended to be included in the "next" release of the YaBB Forum Software.

Do NOT use any of the files uploaded to the SourceForge YaBB SVN Repository to a live public forum, without the knowledge of the possibility of causing your forum to crash or become unstable.

We Welcome users to Test any of these Beta files, but strongly suggest doing so only on a Test forum.

This board is NOT for idle chatter, comments nor suggestions. Posts are to be restricted to the fix or feature mentioned in the Post. Please post suggestions/comments in
this board.

(Captain John/OH Eng)

If you want to contribute to YaBB by testing the actual beta version,
we offer two ways to get the actual code:

1. Look for the recent files in the SVN repository with your browser:

    Go to ALL files newer than your last download/release and download them on your PC.
    You must download ALL newer files because of dependencies between them!!!
    Therefore give a look into ALL directories every time!!!

2. You download an SVN program from the Internet, for example TortoiseSVN and install it on your PC.

Make a new folder somewhere on your PC, then do a right click on it and select "SVN Checkout".

Enter the URL of the repository. It is:
Then select below the "HEAD" revision.
Click OK.

Be aware that you must empty your browser cache after you uploaded some new .js files on your server!

Always be aware of what Captain John wrote above!!!

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