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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) [RELEASE] YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release (Read 30,357 times)
Michael Prager
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Re: [RELEASE] YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release
Reply #7 - Jul 6th, 2010 at 9:33am
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Congratulations, YaBB. Looking forward to update Roll Eyes

Nail here for a new monitor! --> [x]
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Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release
Reply #6 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 9:51pm
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Upgrading to 2.5 for bug fixes is a huge benefit though. Plus it makes the transition to 2.6 easier with less of a jump between versions.
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Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release
Reply #5 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 9:24pm
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I, would of thought 2.5 would have "sub-boards" so i assume YaBB 3.0 will then ?

just been reading ya fixes and new features looks good but no sub-board listed?

is it complicated to add it in YaBB ??

(because sub boards should of been in YaBB years ago right?)
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YaBB Legends (Active)

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YaBB 2.2
Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release
Reply #4 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 8:43pm
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Congratulations on the 10th anniversary. A major accomplishment for YaBB
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Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Development Release
Reply #3 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 6:21pm
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Nice, will test it out on another server!

but im sticking with 2.4 for a long time, (well till 3.0 is out) hehe

Happy 10th Anniversary!

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YaBB 2.6.0
Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Development Release
Reply #2 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 5:40pm
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Is there anything different to the one posted by Jet Li John.

Many thanks, looks very nice. Installing later on� Grin Smiley

How has the topic been read 13000 times already  Shocked
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Captain John
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Re: YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Development Release
Reply #1 - Jul 5th, 2010 at 5:28pm
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Happy 10th Anniversary !!!!
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Corey Chapman
YaBB Administrator

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[RELEASE] YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition Release
Jul 5th, 2010 at 4:29pm
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In order to celebrate YaBB's 10th anniversary we had held back the latest release from our normal 3-6 month release time table.  However, today, we are proud to bring you YaBB 2.5 Anniversary Edition.  Included is a special one-time only anniversary template.  Enjoy the many bug fixes and new features.  Although we have another exciting release coming in the next several months, we want you to try out this release now.  YaBB's 10th birthday was yesterday, July 4, 2010.  Help us celebrate in style.

YaBB 2.5 AE


New and Enhanced Features:
- Caps Lock detection
- Accessibility in Admin Center, Forum side
- Added "None Selected" Radio Button in Extended profiles
- UK Time Selection
- Context Help
- CSS Fader Text
- Add noparse to YaBBC and "don't parse" checkbox
- noparse also for Smilies
- Number Format
- "X Posts Before Signature"
- Gender selection on Register page, if admin enable it
- SyntaxHighlight implemented in Code Box
- Image List implemented (default, ordered and images)
- Username, Display Name and Email Check (Ajax) on Add Member (Admin Center) Register and Edit Profile Page
- Clipfish and Gametrailers Media support
- Admin: add IP to registration log

Bug Fixes:
- Re-save Static Member Groups Error with same Name
- Old Display Name in Quick Reply Box
- Guardian: turning .htaccess off leaves file
- Quotes Within Quotes and Jump To Quick Reply/Post
- Personal Text with multiple zero's (0)
- Attachment Log Issue
- No partial match in PM recipient search
- Some users got error messages when trying to view a thread
- Fix the User ID field was not filled out
- Fix Thread moved from "global announcements"
- Smilies in Censored Words
- ALERT!! Form Spoofing Detected coming from IP
- Fix Wrong Replies Count after splitting a reply
- Postlayout variable conversion
- Banned username also bans partial match usernames
- Posting as Guest can�t continue after Preview
- Admin email incorrect after setup
- Display name can't be changed to equal username
- Username should be case-insensitive
- Birthday input boxes
- Guests can see Admins in Stealth Mode
- Split topic with multiple pages
- Firefox 3.6 fails test(navigator.userAgent)
- Error in "Show last X post made by ..."
- Tar.gz and tar.bz2 Upload Issue
- Display Name Check
- Delete Broadcast PM Counter Issue
- Away Setting Indicator in User CP Main page
- Fix Update Last Post on Board Index
- Display name not updated in User Recent Posts
- Disable Login, Register, Reset Password and Captcha in Maintenance Mode

Link Fixes:
- Fix Notification link in search results
- Embedding of 3gp files doesn't work with https
- Facebook usernames didn't work in profile

Layout/Format Fixes:
- Cosmetic: long lines in [code] in PM
- Cosmetic: Mark-and-Quote kills double spaces
- Cosmetic: quote prefix not grammatically correct
- XHTML in
- User was shown as user and guest right after login in "Users Online"
- Fix since last online mouse hover if member never logged in
- Improvement in "moved" topic interface
- Fix on wrong user online/offline/away display
- Added Email Address mouse hover to administrator in Member List and Post View
- Email line spacing
- Fix attachment display if it is not an image and "Prevent Guest from seeing media files or having clickable auto linked urls in messages?" is selected
- Alt and Title Attributes for RSS Image
- Title attributes for "more smilies"
- Notif. email subject omits [brackets]
- Added show stars when making new member group or editing
- URL in Live Preview
- Lack of message formatting for Recent/Search
- Added div around the smilie bar on Post Page
- Missing code box scrolling
- Move/Sort Forum Settings in Admin Center
- Color picker not working in Firefox and Safari
- Collapse/Expand title text switched
- Images with parameter in quotes
- Added select/remove button in Search page "By User"
- Added Descriptive text inside input field
- WYSIWYG scroll fix
- 'curiosity'
- No_postcount icon for messages
- Fix nav (CSS) and class="nav" from breadcrumb

Spelling, Text and Instruction and Images Fixes:
- Updated Quick Guide
- Added MySpace and Facebook in Help Section
- Added User Agreement in Help Section
- Added missing Command Explanations
- Remove Hardcoded Language String in
- Graphics Changes/Cleanup
- Language fixes/improves

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