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Normal Topic Upgrading from Y2.4 to Y2.5 (Read 1,132 times)
Captain John
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Upgrading from Y2.4 to Y2.5
Jul 8th, 2010 at 3:09pm
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   As always ... make a good backup "before" upgrading a forum.
Using the Upgrade package for Y2.5AE includes a new default.html template, and the default.css.  If users who have modified their forum's template and CSS files want to keep their designs and color schemes, they should NOT overwrite these files within their forums.  Upload ALL the other Template files and overwrite existing files.

To upgrade these, to include New feature enhancements, changes should be made in these files as these links show:
   diffs from Y2.4 to Y2.5 CSS

   diffs from Y2.4 to Y2.5 default.html

  If you are upgrading from Y2.3.x, you must upload the additional files included in the YaBB_2_5_upgrade_from_2_3_x folders included in the Y2.5AE zip package.

   NOTE: for some reason the standard "blue" template was included in the Upgrade zip package and the New Silver AE template is included in the full package zip.
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