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Captain John
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Re: whats happening with yabb.....
Reply #1 - Sep 15th, 2010 at 12:51pm
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  The truth as I know it.  The problem is dev's (coders/programmers) get tired, wore out, frustrated at writing code, revising code, fixing code after a couple years and either move on to new challenges or simply slip away.  You can see in the YaBB credits, the developers who have been here (lots) and no longer are.  Example, deti came on board before Y2.3 and made radically revised code, new code, faster code, cleaner code AND New features, bug fixes ..... and got involved in "another" project and wasn't available for Y2.5.  (BUT ... had a working sql working for YaBB).  Unilat worked on a Sub-Board implementation while not being active.  Which "has" been integrated with YaBB.
    ALL the promised features required a HUGE amount of dedication, work, brain drain.  ALL free, with NO payment.  No Glory !
    YES ALL are still being worked on (in Alpha testing).  But NOT ready for beta testing.  There are problems and certainly what we don't want is to release a YaBB version that would corrupt, destroy or simply crashes.
  Unilat has incorporated more ajax or javascript features to speed up and add "things", Jet Li has done extensive testing, including adding bug fixes by Carsten, language additions/corrections.
  The work is still going on. Realize it has only been a little over 2 months since Y2.5 release.  As for MOD updates, a lot of MODs for Y2.4 still work with Y2.5 or only require minor adjustments to install in Y2.5.  MODders know that another release is coming and know their MODs will require real rewriting to work with the newer version and are waiting.

  The Truth.
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whats happening with yabb.....
Sep 15th, 2010 at 3:44am
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As a admin of my forum i like to know whats goin on with the software am useing (which is YaBB for the time being)
Over the pass few years i have seen this forum lose members and admins with there yabb boards give up with yabb..all i keep hearin is that yabb3 is in workin progress for last few years and i think this is just to keep admins hanging on to yabb,So can we have the truth about whats happen with yabb,
There use to be updates software every 3-6 months with bug fixes and extras,over at boardmod coders was updateing mod etc even bringing new ones which i thougt was great.but since 2.5 come out this as all died from part 1 or 2 coders updatein afew mods..How in hell do yabb expect to bring new coders to this forum when its so dead most of the time..How close are we to and database forum also i seen sub-boards mod working and i know afew are also waiting for this.maybe tis could be release as a mod if we are long way from database forum..also yabb is good with havein all diff kinds of why no new templates for yabbers admins to play new info about updates..why not bring back some fun,

YaBB is an great bit of software with so many in the past puttin alot of there time into it,so why let it become dead,

You want testers and new coders etc new ideas..well i say why dont you start puttin out some beta versons out there so people can play and give input.

am not lookin for any smarty pants anwers back just want to make yabb become better.
* chillipepper feels pee off

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